One girl at a Time

Jackie Lidubwi
Posted September 13, 2017 from Kenya
Lilian Anjema with my babies
During her graduation, it was full of joy and laughter

Lillian Anjema had scored highly in her secondary education in spite of challenges that characterized her high school life.Her parents could not manage to take care of her school fees however, lady luck smiled her way and she was one of the few student who would benefit from the schools bursary project. She took her studies seriously and when the results came back she was among the top students who had done the school proud.

It was a new chapter in her life and the best years were a head but her high school challenges would follow her like a ghost only this time, there was no more bursary projects to carter for her college fees, she therefore settled for a house help job,and that is how our paths in life crossed.

She served me diligently and never complained.After a few months in my family, she was a darling of everyone and she had found a home away from home. Having fathomed her life twists I knew she had a lot of potential and all she needed was a launching pad to give her direction. I decided to take her back to school to awaken the potential within her.

2012 is perhaps the year that had a big influence in my life. I took a bold step of taking my house girl Lilian Anjema for a Diploma Course at Kagumo Teachers Training College,.she graduated in 2014 and today she is a high school teacher.That gives me a lot of joy.

Early this week when we reached Machakos Teachers Training College gate, the security officer asked me,''Mum kindly could you roll down the window so that I can be able to see the Teacher''. The reality hit me then that Dorothy was no longer my house help but a Teacher.

For the past two years,Dorothy has stayed with me as my house help.she has served me and my children very well. just like Anjema her case is the same. she scored highly in her examinations but her parents could not afford to educate her further. she had a burning desire to further her studies but lack of funds made this dream-just a dream. As mother Teresa said,'' not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love,'' I am so humbled that Dorothy's' dream has finally come to be.

As a 2017 Global change Leader, from Coady Institute I am challenged to make a difference and to better my community with my actions.One girl at a time, is my dream for now.

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Sep 13, 2017
Sep 13, 2017

Hey Jackie,

What you did for Dorothy is amazing.Your story challenges me to help anyone I can even in a small way.I think that she will never forget what you did to her.

Jackie Lidubwi
Sep 13, 2017
Sep 13, 2017

Thank you Sherifa for the feedback