Over The Counter

J Brenda Lanyero
Posted September 26, 2021 from Uganda

It became pitchy black not because it was dark

NO! she had been hit across the face

By the man she loves

When she realized that courage

Is not something got over the counter

She rose and stood up tall and looked in his dark eyes

And said to his face, “I still love you but I am done

With this marriage”!


He became drunk instantly. Not on spirit

Like raging fire,

He didn’t believe her and called her a joker

He then looked her in the eyes and said she will

Be nothing without him


She silently got up to leave the room

He held her by the thick hair and pulled

Her right back inside

And dropped his entire weight on her

And turned her face navy blue


She cried, got up and cleaned her face

Got her bags and children

And walked into the cold biting world

For happiness and courage was not got over the counter.

This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Sep 26
Sep 26

Walking out does not mean giving up or surrendering. It's a new direction altogether.


J Brenda Lanyero
Sep 28
Sep 28

Dear Megsmueller
Well said my dear. Thank you so much for reading my stories. It means so much to me. Thank you dear : )