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About Me

How often we hear, "I wish I could've done something"! Yet everyday we pass up on opportunities to contribute to someone's life

! We can & we should take action whereever we find the door open. My parents were brave and encouraged me to be same, unto my children, I pass the same values. "When misfortune comes for your neighbours & you are silent, it will in the end, also come for you; for your silence was your consent"!

I was raised on adages like that, so, for me, my job as a broadcast journalist & developmental worker is my way of saying, I refuse to be quiet in the face of injustice. I refuse to go down quietly. I will lend my support to making this world a better place for my children so that when my time comes to pass the torch on, I will be able to look in their eyes and truthfully say"I did my bit to make this world a better place, now it's your turn"!

Therefore, I choose to speak up!

My Vision

My vision is of a world devoid of hunger,stigma & hate!Where one man's freedom & happiness is tied to that of others!


It would be helpful to have a think-tank support system because ideas shape the world! A Midget, Camera & an iPad come 2nd!


I'm an experienced Communicator,adept @ message development & documentation for social & behavioral change & analysis. A detailed researcher


Economic PowerEducation EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsWomen's HealthHuman Rights for WomenWomen in LeadershipEngaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality


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