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Jade Frank
Posted September 12, 2012 from United States

Dear PulseWire sisters,

World Pulse invites you to join us in speaking out against violence as we showcase the voices and solutions of grassroots women around the world. We believe that your stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence.

Tell us your own story and perspective on violence against women—either personally experienced or witnessed in your community—and outline your vision for change.

In this campaign, World Pulse will spotlight your testimonies and broadcast your solutions and personal visions.

We will channel your story—along with other women’s stories from around the world—to major media outlets, advocacy groups, policy-makers, and key international forums to ensure that your voice is heard in the halls of power.

  1. Write a Frontline Journal on ending violence against women

    A Frontline Journal is simply a first-person account about living on the front lines of breaking news stories. Tell us your personal testimony on gender-based violence—either experienced or witnessed—and your vision for ending violence against women in your region.

  • Your own, personal narrativeHow has gender-based violence affected your life, your family, or your community?
  • Background information and contextWhat is the history and culture of gender-based violence in your region?
  • Strong solutions-oriented conclusionWhat solutions do you see for bringing an end to violence against women in your community?

Word Count:

We encourage submissions that are at least 1200 words in length, but no longer than 1500 words.

  1. Submit your story on

    Follow the steps below to ensure that your story is properly submitted to the campaign and included in World Pulse’s advocacy package, which will be presented at key international forums.

  • Register for or Login to your PulseWire account
  • Create a new PulseWire journal entry to submit your story. Use these guidelines to complete your journal entry form. Title: Create a title that reflects your voice and message. Journal Entry: Type, or copy and paste your personal story on ending violence against women here (see the Frontline Journal Curriculum for more info). Topics: Consider adding key words or ‘tags’ to help us identify sub-topics you’re addressing within the larger context of violence against women (eg. Female Genital Mutilation, Acid Violence, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence). Digital Action Campaigns: Check this box to ensure your voice is included in the campaign and delivered to influential forums! Click submit and find your story on our interactive map.


Submit your story by October 31, 2012 to be included in the Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign advocacy package, considered for publication in World Pulse’s eMagazine, and presented at key international forums through our advocacy partners.

  1. Join the global conversation

    Hear what your sisters worldwide are saying about violence against women in their own communities. Learn new ideas and solutions for combating gender-based violence, and write a comment to acknowledge her unique voice and vision for change. This may open the door for new support and partnership in your work!

    1. Stay up-to-date on campaign news

    Visit the EVAW Campaign Home page to find the latest stories submitted for the campaign, learn about upcoming forums where your story will be presented, and see how your voice is making an impact.

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