Community Work and Its challenges

Posted October 5, 2010 from Kenya

Bring change has never been easy. It is a journey and it has a number of challenges.

Lack of funds are one of the key challenges. In our organization we sent our proposals for funding. Sometimes we get, some time funds come late and this interfere with the work plan. When funds are not enough, this limit the number of the people to attend to. Lack of funds also hinders monitoring and follow up processes. Besides getting information via emails, sometimes there is a need to be in those communities physically, interact with youth. Besides training in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, we also equip them with skills that would enable them to sustain themselves economically, but most of the time, these young people have no means to start the projects and they become idols hence vulnerable and manipulative. This could lead them to misconduct again. Cultural beliefs can also be a problem. In most cases, when you need people to work with it likely that you will get a list full of men names.

The other issue is that we are in dynamic environment/society. Things keep changing especially in the field of Peace and conflict. Sometime is if difficult to measure the result.

In order to handle these challenges, we keep trying to find out the organizations that funds the kind of the work we are involved in, we also network with other organizations that we are in the same field of work so that we can carry out some joint activities for example workshops, or trainings, etc. When there are opportunities within such organizations, we also inform the youth from our constituency (Great Lakes region and Horn of Africa) so that they could participate. Strategic fundraising is important. Networking help also to get to know what is happening here and there . Also when it comes to inviting youth for meetings, conferences or trainings, we give clear indication on the target group of people we want and also we emphasize on gender balance. This also enable us to get those young people who are active and able to go back in communities/ churches and also train others, or transfer their knowledge to others.

Pulse and other on line communities will help to overcome these challenges. They help to create awareness on these challenges because they provide space to talk about it. Right now might realize that some of the challenges are unique and others are common, as community on line we can then help one another on how to deal with them and come up with way forward.

Thank you

Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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Jennifer Baljko
Oct 11, 2010
Oct 11, 2010

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your post. Funding is always a tough issue to overcome, but keep your focus on the young people. Like you say, they are the ones at greatest risk and could use the greatest help when it comes to training and knowledge-sharing. What kinds of projects are you working on with them? How are the young people participating.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


Jocelyn Edelstein
Oct 12, 2010
Oct 12, 2010

Jado, Thank you for your thoughts and your great writing. I can appreciate the problems related to funding and I think you very articulately discusses some of the reasons behind that. Keep working towards your goal. Your keen intelligence and dedication will most definitely take you there. Jocelyn

Oct 13, 2010
Oct 13, 2010

Dear Jocelyn,


Thank you for the encouragement. There is hope and we will not give up.

Thank you again

Oct 13, 2010
Oct 13, 2010


Thank you very much for your inspiring comment. Most of our work involved in organising workshops where by we bring together yougn men and women for example 20 and we train them on conflicts management, trauma healilng, ( theme to do with Peace building and conflict transformation). The fact that we bring young people different countries ( The organisation I work for is operating within nine countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Sudan. Ethiopia and Eritrea), there is a lot interraction, and they get to learn from one another, and share experiences. It is a mazing because it also promote reconcilation and healing and also promote networking among the youth. We dop this to build theier capacity so that they can go back home and teach others in theri communities and churches. We also emphasie on their role in contributing to lasting peace. They are part of the problem hence they should be part of the solution. Most of the time when negotiations are taking place, this group of people is ignored and yet they are the ones who are actually fighting, burning houses, destroying things, etc.

If we need to see change, we need to think of the young people and we need to mentor them since they are the once to take over. Young people need to be prepared ealry enough. When we are working, let us have them near us so that they start learning, they start being responsible, and when we are no longer able to do what we were doing, there will be no gap, things will continue smmothly.

I would call upon everyone, from home to office or any other place of work, lets us mainstream young programme within what we are doing so that we mentor them, we help them and guide them. This will help them feel useful and important to the family, communty as well as the country.

Otherwise, thank you very much