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About Me

I joined the World Pulse Board in 2018. I'm so impressed by the incredible, strong and kind women throughout the company, the board and the community!

I've spent most of my career in digital marketing and media. Seeing technology and social media being leveraged in a such a positive and powerful way by World Pulse gave me confidence that I can leverage my skillset to bring about positive change.

About a decade ago, I began researching the violence and prejudice that women and girls around the world face. I then helped lead a series of fundraising efforts for a film about the endangered status of women and girls in India (http://petalsinthedust.com/). It was a meaningful experience and I realized that working to empower women and girls is very important to me. I now have two daughters who are wonderful reminders of that each day.

I'm thrilled to bring together my passions and experience to help make an impact through World Pulse!

My Vision

My guiding principal is to do what I can in life to make sure my impact on the world is net positive.


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