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About Me

Born in a small tranquil village (Tsha Ra), situated in ranged snow mountains in Tibet plateau, I had been a humble student in school, an obedient daughter in the family, and a conservative Tibetan girl. The birth of a child is a miracle and its worth cannot be equated anything else. People, however, in my community prefer somehow boys to girls. Yet it is blessing that I have been able to continue navigating through the maze of the educational paradigm, experiencing diversity up until now. I started learning, diving into the new-cycle world of today to reflect my life as well as people in my community; I embrace multicultural values while strengthening my own identity, as a Tibetan girl.

I am currently earning my Master degree in Sustainable Leadership and Social Change at SIT World Learning Graduate Institute.

I would like to get myself connected to all those ordinary young women around the world to share our stories and images.I believe that each of us have special stories to have grown up with, why not let us all come together to create a platform from where we can begin to explore to the world, interconnect with others, and to led unheard voices to be heard. Social work & community service, Writing, travelling, exploring, meeting people Keep things as planned

My Vision

Love, Harmony, Equality, Happiness


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