10 Stay Safe Alone Tips: Think Smart, take care of yourself, enjoy alone time and avoid potential danger

Jan Porter
Posted June 9, 2016 from Canada

10 Stay Safe Alone Tips: Think Smart, take care of yourself, enjoy alone time and avoid potential danger

Posture, walk and stance attitude as a strong VIP (very important person) the stronger and more confident you appear, the less likely you seem an easy mark. Trust your intuition and instincts, stay mindfulness awareness of surroundings, people: if you are suddenly feeling creepy or uncomfortable, leave immediately and get safe. You do not have to explain anything to anyone. Re-program your cell/mobile phone home, work or school numbers as something else; use nicknames. Change your GPS destinations to landmarks close to home, work or school, such as a nearby gas station or variety store. Never, leave your wallet or identification in your car. Attach a whistle and mini LED light to your key chain. Mindfulness of alcohol and drug use, particularly during a get-togetherand in public, keep your beverage in your hand at all times. Practice your powerful warrior’s roar; if you ever need it in a pinch to summon your power, it will flow out readily with practice. When alone, allow self-locking doors to stay closed and locked including windows and be sure of uninvited guests before they enter your home. Stay mindful when entering, leaving laundry rooms, workplaces, schools and any other isolated area, especially at night. Change your routine regularly and have your car or door keys in your hand. Some women, handicapped and elderly dress like men when they have to journey alone at night. Stick to well-travelled, lit driving routes at night, keep gas tank full, keep all emergency kit items up to date and easily accessible, within arm’s reach. Join an emergency auto club, peace of mind. Avoid hitchhikers and if someone flags you down seemingly in distress, call 911 and do not get out of your car.

*Abbreviated list excerpt from the book; “Sacred Space, mind body soul after sexual abuse” By; Jan Porter. Your body, mind and soul are Sacred Space. Shifting wounds into wisdom andloving life, is the art of inspired transformation. The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before. The power of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!" *Jan Porter is a seasoned personal growth and fiction author; www.inspiredsoulworks.com. EBook and paperback available wherever books are sold, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com. #StaySafe, #Alone, #empowerment, #article, #personalgrowth

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