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About Me

I work as a marketing and public relations consultant for high-tech companies. As a prolific writer, I volunteer to help underprivileged girls and young women at risk express themselves through journaling and creative writing. My passions working with my clients focus on honest and transparent communications about their products and services, as well as helping them promote their sustainability goals and achieving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives. The challenge in doing my volunteer work with girls at risk is that the need is enormous. Gender violence and inequality is globally pervasive. But you cannot get discouraged, you just have to address it one brave girl at a time.

My Vision

My vision is that we cure the root cause of global sexual abuse against children (boys and girls) through awareness and education.


More educational and awareness programs are needed at the preschool and elementary school levels for parents, teachers & administrators.


I have excellent communications skills and decades of experience working with the media.


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