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About Me

Jane kalu joined Worldpulse in May,2015 and volunteered as a community listener and community welcomer. After some months, she was given the badge of a Vocal contributor

She is a volunteer member of SWACIN. A Non Governmental Organization which support women and children in Nigeria

She has a personal foundation that empower women and youth she is an active member of Presbyterian Church of Nigeria where she serve as a secretary.

Jane is an accountant by profession ,working with a multi national company in Nigeria where she works in the operational department.

My Vision

My vision is a world without VIOLET and VICTIMIZATION based on gender inequality

Eradication of POVERTY among the female folks through empowerment programe

Eradication of HARMFUL CULTURAL PRACTICES through creating of awereness


Economic PowerGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsWomen in Leadership



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