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On daily bases, there are reports of sexual abuses in news headlines. These sexual abuses is more rampant among female rural adolescent .The rural girls are prone to these sexual predictors’ than their urban counterparts due to the high level of illiteracy and poverty in the villages. Rural children must therefore be protected from sexual predictors’ and harms.

To enable young girls create positive experience of their sexuality, there is need for the constant sex education. Sex Education, is a broad term used to describe the education of sexual anatomy ,sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse and other sexual behaviour.

Appropriate sex education among female rural adolescent will help reduce the risk of negative outcome from wrong sexual behaviours.

Before now, to talk about sex in the public was a taboo due to the facts that some parents felts when such issues are being discussed, it exposes the child to danger and the child will want to practice it. Our parents did not understand the saying( IGNORANCE IS A DIEASES AND KNOWLEDGE IS POWER )

To increase the ability of young woman in making informed decision over their life time, parents and guidance must understand that sex education saves their children from danger of abuse. Must abused children finds it difficult to report the incident to their parents if they have never had pre-discussion on sex

Molesting a child will keep that child in pain for the rest of her life and therefore the adolescent girls should know the parts of her body that should not be torch by any body.They are cases of children who are being abused by their uncle or aunty in the guise of playing with them.

Sex education helps to create awareness on how to communicate and ask for help when they are cases of abuse. Not only that the girl child must develop skills on how to recognize tricks from sexual predictor and to resist them. Sometimes the tricks comes in the form of constant gift, playfully asking the adolescent to come and sit down on their laps etc.

This write up, prepares a young girls to when, why and how her period will come .According to Wikipedia, Menstruation is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. Studies shows that a woman average cycle is 28days and ovulation comes around the 14Th day. One will ask what is Ovulation?

This is when a mature egg is released from the ovary pushed down the fallopian tube and is available to be fertilized.

Creating positive sexual awareness among female rural adolescent will help them to debunk some wrong attitude and belief in relation to sex and the idea that being sexually active makes a person attractive and mature.

Therefore, those who have been abused will really not want other to be we must all rise to our feet and report all cases of sexual molestation around us to the nearest authority.



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Stephanie A
Aug 03, 2015
Aug 03, 2015


I agree with your line "ignorance is a disease and knowledge is power". Sex is a taboo subject in many cultures around the world (including my own), but how can women and girls make informed decisions about their bodies when they aren't knowledgeable about sex and menstruation? At the same time, when we don't teach men and boys about sex, we lose an opportunity to break the cycle of violence by failing to teach about appropriate and healthy sexuality. Sexual violence has a life-long impact on survivors, and we urgently need more education on the subject. Thank you for sharing your reflections on why sexual education is important!