Posted July 27, 2015 from Nigeria

One early morning, in the serene and sleepy village of Amaekpu. There was commotion and pandemonium, women filled out in their large numbers bearing palm fronts and other leaves in demonstration against a certain man. The woman threaten to abandon their difference homes if their concern was not properly addressed.

The man at the middle of the chaos was an elderly native doctor who was believed to have super natural power and this provoke fear among the villagers. The old native doctors, decided to build his house directly adjacent to the village public female toilet since the village still practice OPEN DEFECATION. Women and girls of all works of life regularly visit there to answer the call of nature.

Unknowing to the innocent women who uses the toilet, the erotic native doctors mounted a secret camera in a way to have a complete view of the women while using the toilet. The clip became an object of sexual satisfaction between him and his amorous friends.

Trouble started when one of his friends got drunk and started revealing information to various women on the pattern of shaving of their private parts. The women in astonishment and embarrassment, demanded to know the source of his information, act of humiliation, the women reported the matter to the leadership of the village women organization. He was promptly summon

by the entire women and after an intense interrogation, he divulge the source of his information.

The women were overwhelmed by the suppose spiritual power of the native doctor and in awe, the pleaded with the men to intervene on their behalf. The mention of the native doctor name scare the men who kept on delaying the case and could not handle it well. In frustration, the women mobilized on that early morning and stormed the native doctors residence dropping in their thousand the palm fronts and other leaves in his premises. The women bravely gave the man three days ultimatum to appear before them and answer charges levied against him.

On the expiration of the three days ultimatum, the notorious witch doctor vehemently refused to appear before the women instead he insisted that they should come and clear the mess they dumped in his premises or faced unpleasant consequences .

In anger, the women in collaboration with women from other neighboring villages matched down for the finanal show down. On sighting the intimidating crowd, the abominable native doctor took to his heels

The uncontrollable crowd in the process brought down his building rubbish.

This is the power of collaboration. If all women will come together, hand in hand,all the unpleasant situation women are subject to will be taking care off



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Drew Dakessian
Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015


Thank you for writing. If you don't mind me asking, is this piece based on actual events, and if so, how did you come to be made aware of them? Were you personally involved? (Again, please only answer if you feel comfortable.) Either way, do you think that the village women are now safe to make use of the traditional waste management system (open defecation)? Or, alternately, would you say that the village is in need of a new, more private system — be it conventional, pipes-based plumbing, or otherwise?

I want to really emphasize that what you are doing here — writing about an issue that affects the women members of a community — is incredibly important: It can help make headway not only in the community in question, but elsewhere in the world, because womanhood is transnational.

Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015

Hi MissQuoted!

                       That piece is a true life story,actually i was not among the women involved but i belong to the same village meeting with them.

                      As i write, this is the type of toilet the community use.Talking about being save,one will say emphatically it is not save because such toilet affect a woman's health statues and even the embrassment associated with my story


Jane Kalu

Hideko Nagashima
Sep 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Oh Jane!

Whatever happens in Nigeria just blow up my mind wondering how these women live on with continuous harrassment and violence by men mentally and physically.  This one I have never heard but again it is disgusting.  I am hoping that I can do something to make a difference with my limited capacities.  Jane, you have my support, so continue doing whatever you can to tell the world loud and clear, "THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT HUMAN BEINGS!" Let us clear sanitation and witchcraft issues and get done one by one.

Hideko N.

Sep 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015


Hideko thanks for making out your time to read my post.

it is so funny how Nigerian women are been INTIMIDATED  by the opposite sex.Anywhere i so much belief is a matter of time it will be a story.