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I hail from a community that is mainly agrarian at the subsistence level. A family that can afford three square meal in such a community is considered privileged. The absence of companies/industries in my community basically forces the youths (those at the productive age) to seek for job in the neighbouring towns.

The few youths that are left in the village are those who do not have the opportunity of seeking for greener pasture outside of my community

Unfortunately however, those who fall in this bracket constitute a meaningful population of the youths. The burden has always been on me on how to empower this sizable population of youths into meaningful venture. The most vulnerable in this group are the girls who are easily lured into prostitution in a bid to make ends meet. Cases of unwanted pregnancy abound as a result of this. These hapless girls exemplify true cases of dream cut short.

My dream for a non profit organization steams from the peril of such girls .My personal experience and up bringing have exposed me into a position of offering valuable advices to people in difficulties times. Most times, when I offer advice to such people it always produce positive results

Subsequent upon the various skills that I acquired as a result of the circumstances of my upbringing, I decided to give back to the society such skills like soap making baking, confectionaries, etc.

I will feel safe in a community void of crime, I will be secured in an atmosphere devoid of drug, I will be happier when girls will not resort to prostitution as a means of livelihood .The alarming unemployment level in my community inspired me into giving out the little I can afford in skill acquisition, empowerment, advice and otherwise.

Fortune smiled on me on marrying my heartthrob and better half, I quickly run to him for advice on how to scale through huddles of life ,school, profession etc.

I hope to effectively and efficiently address the issue of unemployment and subsequent empowerment of the teaming unemployed youths in my community.

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Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015

There is so much poverty in our country Nigeria, Jane God will help us.If an inidividual can feel the way you are feeling about her community, how much more the government.

The irony of it all is the government are not really concerned about the plight of the poeple,they dont seems to care.That is why we should not shy away from politics, becaause we need to be part of bring ing change to our community and country.

Imagine the senate passing a vote of confidence on a corrupt leader,how much change do we expect such leaders to bring to the community they came from, they are only there to enrich their pocket.

God will help you in your endevour to help the youth in your community.

Keep the good work going.

Lots of Love


Tosin Victoria APIRIOLA
Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015

Dear Jane,

I wish to concur with you and Bukola that poverty has become endemic in Nigeria. There is no region without its own fair share of struggle.

Being safe in a society void of crime cannot be overemphasised and corruption been dangled in the faces of young people as way to go in life is quite dissheratening, Bukola.

I hope we can form a cohort of World Pulse members starting from this platform in Nigeria to have some of these challenges highlighted and source for ways to alleviating them. You are welcome to read through my journal to know what I stand to for and what I wish to address in this our dear and great country.

Sincere Regards,


Oct 02, 2015
Oct 02, 2015

Dearest Jane,

I cheer you on to make the non-profit organization that you dream of become a reality! Your community is fortunate to have women such as yourself commited to giving back, and making a change so dearly needed. The obstacles must feel unsurmountable, but never give up ~ you are making a significant difference in each child and woman's life that you touch.

You are making a difference, not only in your teaching, but as a role model for others that know of no other way than to perpetuate the cycle of prostitution, pregnancy and violence.

It's a terrible consequence when there is little to no other option than to prostitute oneself as a child when no other opportunity of livelihood is available; it is a cycle that must feel impossible to break.  

However, the fact that you are there caring, Jane.  Writing about it, assisting women and girls to understand there are other ways, teaching skills that you have, such as soap-making, baking, confectionaires, etc. Sharing your vision, and taking what steps you can to improve your community's condition for women and girls is the positive ripple in the water that will reach far beyond what you may even know or see.

Keep up your heartfelt good work, Jane. Although it must feel hopeless and frustrating at times; keep going. Each step you take towards bettering conditions for the youth in your community will "plant the seeds" that will ignite and help to sustain positive change for future generations.

Thank you for sharing!  Veronica