Results in Education for All Children (REACH) Trust Fund-Knowledge, Learning and Innovation Grant

Posted September 14, 2016 from Nigeria

Deadline: 31 October 2016

The Global Book Alliance is a partnership between USAID, Norad, DfID is seeking proposals for its Results inEducation for All Children (REACH) Trust Fund with an aim to support innovations that get the right books to all children at the right time, using results-based financing modalities.

The Global Book Alliance builds on experience gleaned by USAID, Norad, DfID and other partners over more than a decade of implementation of multilateral funds in the health sector, including funds to increase access to essential drugs, vaccines, bed nets and reproductive health commodities, along with similar work in agriculture and other sectors.


Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty, raising incomes, promoting economic growth and shared prosperity, and for improving health, genderequality, peace, and stability.

Funding Information

Activities financed through this call for proposals will vary in scope, scale and duration. The maximum budget for an activity financed through this call for proposals is expected to be $500,000. Duration will be from six months to three years (longitudinal evaluations only).

Eligibility Criteria

All grants will be World Bank-executed, together with public and private partners. REACH for Reading will consider applications from:

Governments Non-governmental organizations Teams within multilateral and bilateral development partners Academics Civil Society organizations Consortia

Eligible Activities (Not Limited)

Data and Planning Content Production Procurement and Financing Book Supply Chain Implementation/process evaluations Develop results-based financing oriented components within World Bank or other multilateral operations Provide technical assistance

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