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About Me

I work for a non-profit that sell crafts made by women is poorest most difficult and dangerous parts of the world. We use house parties (like Tupperware) to tell the stories of the women who make our crafts. We have projects in Asia, South and Central America and in Africa. We have one European project in Bosnia. We have guest speakers at the parties who tell their story and the story of their country. We have recently developed an online store as well but in any medium, the story is always the center of the experience. We pay the artisans a living wage and we train many low income women in the US to be our Rising Representatives. The set up the home parties and earn a commission on gross sales.

I have been involved in poverty alleviation efforts for 30 years. Seeing women become strong and respected because of what they earn Wishing we could do more and work faster grant writing

My Vision

A world where every person can reach thier potencial.