Women’s Voices Within by Mariane Pearl

Posted March 18, 2016 from New Zealand

Mariane Pearl, Managing Editor of Chime for Change and member of the World PulseLeadership Pulse Network, has created a documentary about Yazidi and Christian women fleeing ISIS in Iraq.

"Since I have been working on women’s topics I have been increasingly mesmerized by how little we actually know about women and how easy it is to find women who not only express themselves for the first time but also are aware that they are the first in countless generation to possibly own their story along with the right to make sense of it and contribute their knowledge to the world. "

In March 2015,Mariane Pearl and Chime for Change conducted a journalism and storytelling workshop in Erbil, Iraq for Yazidi and Christian refugees who had fled ISIS. As aid worker Taban Shoresh notes, "I think slowly people will become immune to the news. ... It is the personal stories and the experiences of these people that will make people connect to what's going on."

This sentiment is echoed by the countless number of stories posted here on World Pulse every day, each providing a counter narrative to what we read and hear through the mass media outlets. It is through the power of these voices that we learn what is truly happening on the ground and canmake decisions that take their voices into account.

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