Girls: Live a fulfilled life

Jap Mouki Christelle Alexandra
Posted October 12, 2019 from Cameroon

Life to me is all about what you have to offer, being at the service of humanity, what imprint you leave on your way . A wise man said ; " God has deposited a burning desire in each and everyone of us such that if you bring into fruition that desire , you will impact the world and definitely make a living out of it ." That reoriented my life and gave me the drive to do what I truly love, which is : To be a nurse and care for people and also empower adolescent girls . The same wise man goes ahead to say " if your profession is  it something you like , do yourself a favour to quite because you are not helping the world ". Hahaha, that's a good one . Passion, desire,dreams, generate a desire for excellence and growth. One of my main topics when empowering the youths is "  develope yourself in your  passions and dreams, you will definitely live and fulfilled life. 

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Anita Shrestha
Oct 12
Oct 12

Dear JAP
Thank you for sharing. Keep it continue.


Oct 13
Oct 13

Dear Japan,
A warm welcome to this our beautiful platform. How are you? And what about the current crises in your country? Is it getting much better? My prayers are with you all.
Congratulations to on your first post. It's true we have to set a goal and do our outmost best to fulfill whose goals.

Only then we can bring great impact to ourselves and our communities. Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday.
Warm greetings

thank you Lisabeth. We pray things get better real quick. we have lost a lot of lives. Have a blessed week

Hannah B
Oct 13
Oct 13

Hello! Welcome to World Pulse.
Thank you for posting! I would love to hear more about the work that you are doing with adolescent girls.

Hello Hannah, i am glad to read from you. Many young girls in Cameroon are not encouraged to utilize their full potential in becoming what they desire of dream of. Many of them have been trained to have a better life only when they are married. Some don't think women can occupy strategic positions in the society and so many limit themselves completely.
so to encourage them, I have capacity building sessions, entrepreneurship, leadership. i go to schools and we have discussions on their future. They pen down what they want to be in life and every 6 months, we do a follow up to see what little steps they have done to attain their dreams.
i will update with my stories subsequently.
blessed week

Jill Langhus
Oct 13
Oct 13

Hello Jap,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your wise and inspiring post. You have a very selfless career there. I applaud you for all your service to humanity, dear. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you!


Thank you so much Jill. looking forward to learning a lot from everyone too.
Blessed day

Jill Langhus
Oct 16
Oct 16

You're very welcome, dear:-)

You, too!


Oct 13
Oct 13

Helo Jap,

Welcome to World Pulse were women encourage one another.

Looking forward to know more about the work you do.

I am sure you have so many tell.

Hell Maeann, i am glad to be here. Excited to share my stories and reading from everyone as well. Thanks for reaching out. blessed day

Beth Lacey
Oct 14
Oct 14

You are giving great advice

Thank you Beth

Hello, Jap,

Welcome to World Pulse! It is such a joy to know another voice is rising up from Cameroon!

Those are great quotes! Wow, you’re a nurse. What a noble job! I wonder if nurses are paid well in Cameroon. In our country, they are not so they usually work abroad after a few years of experience. I hope that’s not the case in yours.

By the way, since you love quotes, I’m sharing one of my favorites:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”- Frederick Buchner

Looking forward to reading more from you!

Welcome to our growing sisterhood!

Hello Karen, I am glad to read to from you. Tha k you so very much for that beautiful quote. I love it so much .hope to have more quotes from you . Blessed day

Hello, dear,

You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it. Yes, I like to collect quotes! Have a blessed day, too.