Digital Empowerment, Challenged

Jacqueline Patiño
Posted August 13, 2014 from Bolivia
We have the technology, so do girls. Let us show them how to use it best.
We have the technology, so do girls. Let us show them how to use it best.
We have the technology, so do girls. Let us show them how to use it best. (1/1)

It is not a matter of being in the internet, as it is not a matter of going to the gym. It is a matter of doing the job. When you “go” to the gym, and talk to your friends, but do not really work out, nothing happens. You can then blame the gym, or you can be true to yourself and admit you did not put your heart into the task.

This also happens when you get into the internet. You need to focus. You need to work hard. And you will be empowered by the many opportunities that the web has for people who surf in the right places. One of the best gifts of the internet is freedom. You are free to choose right from wrong. And you can also become the one who turns wrong into right.

It is not a miracle. It is the result of very hard work. Turning the wrong into right requires that you first spot the wrong. That you analyze it, break it down into small pieces, try arranging it into different shapes, and when you know what it is about, you can begin changing it. Empowerment, then, is like a muscle. It grows with the work out. And the work out is available to the ones who look for it, take it, and make it part of their routine.

There is no empowerment without growing. You need to be ready to feel the growth, and the growing pains. Because it hurts to grow, but with no growth there is no empowerment. It is an illusion to try to find empowerment if you don´t do the job. Think about it. What makes you want to go for it? What is it inside of you that leads you to become a change maker? Is it your education? Your stamina? Your strength? Or is it what is around you, what surrounds your interventions in the social networks?

The environment has a lot to do with it. In the last four years, pages have blossomed making our work easier, making us think about our lives and how to change them, in a word, empowering us to become the leaders of social change through networking and digital tools. We found it appealing. We like it. We work with it. We have become the first digitally empowered leaders who surf the web freely, opening the possibilities for next generations.

We, the women, will make the web appealing to the girls now, like the perfectly produced young model makes the gym appealing for a young lady. We will make them eager to become leaders and change makers. Digital empowerment has done this for us in the last four years: It has made itself so appealing, that we have dedicated time and energy to build digital communities. Now, we see the web becoming too commercial, too full of publicity only. But we have the future in our hands. Empowered women, now face the challenge of making the web rich and beautiful, so that we can engage girls and make them WANT to be empowered. We need to live up to the challenge.

As digital tools have become more popular because of the work of millions of people who use them for the good of humanity, marketers and profit making web pages are trying to make us part of their commercial circuit only. There is too much noise for girls to become interested on the music. We need to see this fact and turn it around. We should fight to make the internet free to access, and we should put a limit to the commercial use of digital tools. This is what lies ahead of us. The path may be full of hard work. But it is also full of big dreams of women. Dreams, that will become true collectively and individually in our life term, through the hearts of us, women warriors in the digital lands of tomorrow.

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Tan Ching
Aug 15, 2014
Aug 15, 2014

Yes, I agree about social connectivity of internet as social media develops and widens its outreach to many girls around the world. Befriending someone, even finding a partner but we must be aware and careful that there are fraudsters worldwide, preying on the hearts of girls and women, those who are lonely, who fall into the lies of romantic tricksters...whether for purposes of money transferring ( to get easy money instead of earning through their own labour ) or money laundering issues ( getting lovers to be involved in transferring funds to different accounts ).

Jacqueline Patiño
Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014

You are totally right. We could easily include the problems you are naming, into the commercial part of web, and the problems that this commerce introduces.

It is everyone´s problem. We must begin the conversation about this and put reasonable limits to what harms us, and most especially, to what harms our girls.

Thanks for reading.