Poema de Luz II - Poem of Enlightment II

Jacqueline Patiño
Posted May 30, 2016 from Bolivia
Fatima, a woman with discapacity, was taken to jail for asking for a $70 rent per month, from the richest government Bolivia ever had. Her child, is now being taken away from her.

Waves of cold air run through my body

Olas de frío recorren mi cuerpo

The wind brings my misfortune in your karma

Viento que trae mi desventura en tu karma

The rain soaks converted in tears

Lluvia que moja convertida en lágrimas

The water gets my body wet from the Neptuno tank

Agua que moja mi cuerpo desde el Neptuno

I have nothing to lose

Nada tengo que perder

There is not much to gain

Mucho no hay para ganar

I try to make you see me

Intento hacer que me veas

But I turn off more every time

Pero me apago cada vez mas

A cold May 27th you put me behind bars

Un frío 27 de mayo me pusiste entre rejas

With my child from the street to prison

Con mi niño de la calle a la prisión

What a humiliating celebration

Que festejo tan humillante

You gave me today, Mother´s Day

Me diste hoy

Without looking at me you pass by me

Sin verme pasas por mi lado

Without feeling me you condemn me

Sin sentirme me condenas

You are the one to blame for all my pity

Tu eres el culpable de toda mi pena

I am a Mother and DO NOT celebrate

Soy madre y NO festejo

I am just someone carrying her discapacity

Soy solo alguien que carga su discapacidad

Like someone who carries her cross with chains

Como quien carga su cruz con cadenas

With thorns, with nails, with pain

Con espinas, con clavos, con dolor

Do not wonder if I die

No te extrañes si yo muero

I will still be invisible and poor

Seguiré siendo invisible y pobre

Full of needs, empty of your compassion

Llena de necesidades, vacía de tu compasión

But while I make me a place in heaven

Pero mientras gano mi lugar en el cielo

Through all this suffering

A punta de sufrimiento

You win your hell by hand

Tu ganas tu infierno a mano

Flying in first class airplanes

Yendo en avión de primera

Drinking and enjoying my pain

Bebiendo y disfrutando mi dolor

I have never been important for you Evo

Nunca he sido importante para ti Evo.

My smallness is your karma,

Mi pequeñez es tu gran karma,

Your loss, your Waterloo

Tu pérdida, tu Waterloo

I am Fatima and from this May 27th

Soy Fátima, y desde este 27 de mayo

I am, with your mother, your doom,

Soy, con tu madre, tu perdición,

Your fall, your extremely grave crime,

Tu caída, tu gravísimo crimen,

Your last and most terrible mistake.

Tu última y mas grave equivocación.

By /Por: Jacqueline Patiño

May 29th, 2016

Mayo 29, 2016

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