The Dark Night of a Dictatorship

Jacqueline Patiño
Posted December 1, 2017 from Bolivia
Evo in his dictatorship
There is nothing worse than being ruled by an ignorant dictator who thinks he owns the country.

In the dark night of a #dictatorship. This is how we live in #Bolivia. Our Constitution has been deemed "unconstitutional" by the judges elected five years ago by Evo and Alvaro, our president and vice president, in a judicial election that had 80% of null votes by the people. Each of the seven criminals that are laughing at the Bolivian People's votes, has at least seven trials in Bolivian courts for different crimes.

This is how we live in this new kind of modern dictatorship, backed up by infamous judges, and of course, by the military who have become a rich elite that tie the knots of the shoes of those who make Bolivia a land with no laws.

Read the news below so you can understand why we think Alvaro Garcia Linera (vice-president, but in charge of all money related decisions) and Evo Morales (president), are a pair of criminals.

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Shelli Brown
Jan 08, 2018
Jan 08, 2018

This is more than most of the women in my country can even imagine. Although we have just elected our first president that thinks that his position is that of a dictator. 

We here in North America have lost some of the Babic rights that our fathers have fought to put into place to protect women and children. The programs that are to give basic care for unmarried women and their infant children. The rights to seek an abortion if they woman chooses to end a life do to her position in life that won’t afford her to care for that baby that the government will not provide for.? I find myself looking into the future and seeing some of the backward thinking that is customary in your country.

I will say prayers for your country. 

Shelli B.