My Great Mentor- Ms.Harshdeep Kaur♥️

Jasmine Kaur
Posted December 31, 2020

I don’t believe in miracles but my life totally changed when Harsh Mam came into my life. I still remember my first day of college, i saw her- she is having a great personality, attitude, sense of humour like literally everything perfect♥️ She is my role model She is so strong, loving, caring and motivating. I went through so many ups and downs in my life specially during lockdown ! But just a phone call with her motivated me to next level She is a great professor and personally she is the most kind person i have ever known♥️ Her way of teaching doesn’t make you feel like you are studying some boring books Her live examples can move us to imagination zone where you can relate everything with yourself Last but not the least, She is my professor as well as my great mentor♥️ With her, i can definitely reach high heights in my life Her blessings can totally change someone’s life as she is having a pure heart and soul♥️ I am lucky to have Her in my life Thankyou Harsh mam for being my strength everytime

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Dec 31, 2020
Dec 31, 2020


Paulina Nayra
Jan 01
Jan 01

Dear Jasmine,
How lucky of you find an inspiring professor who is your role model. Say hello and thanks to Harsh Mam for me. Let her join World Pulse, too so we can meet her.
God bless you.

Hello, Jasmine,

Welcome to World Pulse! You're so appreciative of the people who are kind to you. Thank you for sharing your relationship with Harsh man with us. I love it when professors get out of their way to mentor their students.

Please keep on writing. I hope you form connections with our sisters here. Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!