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Hello all
I am very happy and honoured to have this opportunity to speak to so many women and fulfill a long time passion of mine of making a difference through connection and communication. I believe in the power of women especially as a collective voice and globally. I am a very spiritual being and believe I am here not only for my own evolving, also to assist others to evolve through awareness.
To date I have overcome many challenges and fulfilled many of my dreams because of my faith in all that is and my great passion to help others and this planet.
I have had more than one person express their views on how they see me and that is as if I have two lives, one spiritual (love and mungbeans as they call it :) ) and one very much in the business and professional arena.
I often get deeply dissapointed when I do watch the world news or read the papers as I see and hear something totally different to what is written or being said.
I feel it is time for full awareness of what is really going on in this world and to make the necessary changes and I strongly believe in the power of women to make this happen or assist with it.
I have a grown up daughter and son. I have had my own business, joined the Airforce at 34 years old and was recently employed as the Business Development Manager for the Chamber of Commerce in my area. I am a Director of a company called Earth Lite Pty Ltd that makes all natural skin care products.
My passions are creating a space and connecting people for awareness of truth and peace, creating business for and to support women and youth.
I am very happy and excited to be a part of this group and to have the opportunity to be a part of something that can only benefit all.
Thank you
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My Vision

Peace-Truth-Connectedness. Helping and supporting each other, no more violence, no more children or people on the streets, truly caring for each other.