Jayan Nanyonga

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About Me

I am a self-determined and powerful leader who is inspired within to bring my vision to life.
My life is inspired by a great cause. I take time to discover other people's highest values in life. I care enough to communicate what is important to me in terms of what is important to others. I honor and appreciate the authentic values of people around me. I do what I love and I love what I do. Everyday I discover more and more of the hero within me. Whether I feel sad or happy, am grateful because it serves my mission. I embrace the duality of life and stay focused on my vision.
I don't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled someone who knows the secret of making a dream come true.
Am so much determined to advocate for children and women who are voiceless in marginalized communities by helping them attain a platform to speak for themselves. This I believe can be done by me and you. We can change their stories and give their lives a new meaning I believe we can make their lives better and that's why am so excited to be a member of world pulse!
Children and women. My challenges direct me to do something truly magnificient with my life Social work, accounting, administration and wildlife.

My Vision

To identify, connect and develop underprivileged children and women