Juliana Imoisili
Posted April 14, 2021 from Nigeria

We live in a mysterious world, until we understand that and be sensitive to the spirit of God the better for us,The world we live in is controlled by the spiritual, Nothing happens in the physical without taking place in the spiritual,

The challenges you face daily are tests of your faith and to compel you to live in allingment with His purpose for your life.

Your challenges shouldn't draw you far away from God, Your sins shouldn't draw you away from Him,let it be the reasons you draw closer to Him daily seeking for help and mercies, because you can't help yourself,

Raising kids as mother's is stressful enough, trying to please your husband and be a good and responsible wife and mother in turn be a good example to others takes Grace and not your own strength.

Simply don't force the things is not time for to change, change they is constant,

Live each day knowing if with was  your last days on Earth will you be sad, crying,depress and frustrated,

Live a life of praise, Thanksgiving, freeness of the SPIRIT and watch things happen on your behalf.

Challenges are your friends to take you to your throne of crown, your safe heaven and your place of rest.

I'm for Jesus.




This story was submitted in response to #ShoutYourVision.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 14
Apr 14

Hi Juliana,

How are you doing, dear? I agree that every challenge is an opportunity to grown, and learn from, no matter how hard it seems and the time. Thanks for sharing.

Regina Afanwi Young
Apr 14
Apr 14

Hello Juliana, thanks for your lovely write up. Yes dear I agree with you that we live a life of praise and Thanksgiving. And I will add that we always count our blessings and realise how much life is worth living.
Stay blessed dear.

Apr 26
Apr 26

Hi Jualiana! Thank you for sharing! Like you I believe that both joyful and not-so joyful situations shape our hearts and our lives!