22 April 2021: Girls in ICT Day

Jayne Cravens
Posted March 17, 2021 from United States
22 April 2021: Girls in ICT Day
22 April 2021: Girls in ICT Day

22 April 2021 is Girls in ICT Day. And this year is the 10th anniversary of this United Nations observed day.

Girls in ICT Day is a great day for nonprofits, charities, NGOs, schools, government programs and other cause-based programs to create volunteering opportunities in support of encouraging more girls to participate in ICT-related activities.

ITU, a UN agency, recommends these activities with girls in association with the day:

  • Online training on Coding (no in-person training now because of COVID)
  • Web-based Robotics Trainings
  • Virtual Hackathon
  • Mobile Application Building
  • STEAM Learning
  • Online Blogging Competition
  • Live Dialogues
  • E-mentoring
  • Technology for Good online innovation challenges

You can register your Girls In ICT event or get ideas for activities to hold in conjunction with the day and use the tag #GirlsInICT to promote your activity on social media. If you create such an event, I hope you will share info about it in the comments - I would love to see any WorldPulse members involved in this day. I'm not affiliated with ITU or the UN - I am just very passionate about girls (& women!) in ICT! 

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Mar 17
Mar 17

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for the invitation and for sharing this. This is next month, I hope more girls can attend. This will be a great event online.

Regina Afanwi Young
Mar 18
Mar 18

Hello, what a great initiative. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you are well and safe.

Susu Mohamed
Mar 19
Mar 19

Hello jayne,
How are you doing,
Thank you for sharing us this Event i will share Sweco NGO team.

Beth Lacey
Mar 19
Mar 19

This is a great event. Thanks for sharing