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Posted April 11, 2020 from Rwanda

People you can escape from Covid-19 but get killed by depression, make sure you talk to someone about your problems don't let it overhelm you, this is a very difficult time.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 11
Apr 11

Hi Jeff,

Welcome to World Pulse! Yes, it is, and that's great advice. Are you suffering from depression? If so, let us know how we can help. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you and learning more about you and what you're passionate about.

I hope you and your family are safe and well.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Hello Jeff ,thank you for for writing,.Trust you are safe ? Love from Helen.

Apr 11
Apr 11

Hello Jeff, hope you and your family are fine.
Thanks for sharing.
Stay safe.

Apr 12
Apr 12

Totally agree. We need to keep communicating with each other through different non face-to-face means. Sometimes those are too quiet in the group chat requiries more attention. They may fall into depression and we got to help each other as much as we can.

Hello, Jeff,

Welcome to World Pulse! I’m glad that a new voice from Rwanda is rising up.

I agree with you. Depression is also another battle to face during this lockdown. I hope you are doing well. How are you coping with this crisis?

Please continue sharing your stories with us. We love to know more about you.

Welcome again to our growing family! Please stay safe, stay strong, and stay healthy!