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About Me

I am a 50 year old woman who has raised 3 sons alone (2 adopted). I put myself through school while working and raising my sons after I left an abusive relationship 25 years ago. I am now an executive at a large multinational company where I manage 7 global manufacturing centers (US, Mexico, China, Israel, Hungary, India, Brazil). I travel a lot and now that my sons are on their own starting their lives I find myself with time I have not ever had before.

I have been investigating what to do with this time, what comes in the next phase of my life? One day I received my monthly newsletter from World Pulse and asked what I could do to help. If I could help - I am not from a poor country and I am not dealing with the challenges that so many women deal with in the world. But I am an Engineer working in a primarily male dominated environment and I have struggled to get to where I am. Maybe I can just learn or listen to another? Maybe I can offer some assistance?

From there I looked at the different options available and decided that I have been a leader in my kids life and in my role at work. It is time to learn from others around the world and offer my assistance to those that may need it or suggestions that helped me thorough situations I have encountered. I think it would be very humbling and wonderful to join a world wide organization dedicated to the voices of women around the world. I look forward to learning and meeting the people in this organization who's stories have had a huge influence in my life for the past 3 years when I was a person in the background just reading articles concerning accomplishments no matter what the challenge of their environment. I want to take part. Learning, Working, Sailing, Traveling and Food Some days the challenge is just getting out of bed but for the most part it's finding the time to do everything I have expectations to get done Manufacturing, Business, Solving Problems (in my current world)

I have since started my own business - Witnessing Nature, LLC

My Vision

Finding a way to make a difference through creating women with a voice and purpose to help their local and global community.


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