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About Me

At the age of nineteen I met and married a man who turned out to be a batterer. It took me twenty-two years to find the strength to leave and another two to safely escape. The good news is that I am free! During my two year exodus from my abusive marriage I was delivered from fear, shame, isolation, and hopelessness. I am more alive than I have ever been in my life. One of the reasons I stayed so long is I feared that God would forsake me if I left my marriage, and in my particular religion divorce is frowned upon. I have learned that throughout the globe and across world religions, men are using religion as an excuse to keep women bound and to allow their violence to continue unchecked. Through my journey "out of the darkness" I met a God who loves me furiously and my message is this: "It is never God's will for you to be abused." I believe God has a heart for women - all women - regardless of culture, religion or race. I believe he wants to empower us to break the chains of violence and oppression for women all over the world. I work as a registered nurse full time, but when I am not working I am meeting with women, speaking life over them, praying for them, and doing anything I can to show them that they are not alone. I also write a blog on this subject and am willing to speak to anyone who will listen. Ending domestic violence Finding an effective way to share my story/ cultural bias against women Successfully escaping abuse, all areas of nursing

My Vision

All women are safe in their own homes. No one invokes the name of God to hurt another person.