Our Flame ~ Poem for Leah

Jensine Larsen
Posted August 26, 2021 from United States
Leah and Jensine pictured smiling wrapping arms around each other next to the ocean in Mexico

I miss Leah. She left this earth last month and transitioned to a higher power. I still feel her though and I wrote a poem to continue the dialogue of our souls.  The first poem she shared on World Pulse still affects me - and when I picked up my pen to write to her, I could only respond to the impact of its echo for me and our friendship that defied all borders:  

"I am here to change what I can change

For be I weak, didn't I twist that branch? 

I am here to deliver the message to the world 

I will be its messenger though be I slow.

I am here to speak and to speak for myself

For be I quiet no one speaks for me.." 

~ Leah Auma Okeyo, 2008


Our Flame ~ Poem for Leah


The branch snapped

The rumble of your buried cry

Crashed through

Meeting the new song of a weary world army

Born from a dream seeded in me


Your voice

Became its conductor

Your flame 

The truth that lit my knowing 

That it was destiny

To know you


To merge hope

Humility and vision

Into a new blazing poem

That corroded the corrupt

Burrowed new tunnels to freedom

That healed many


And from dusk to dawn

United our flame forever.


Love you Leah, your Amazon sister and eternal flame.


Jensine, July 2021


[Photo: Leah and Jensine pictured smiling wrapping arms around each other next to the ocean in Mexico]


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Tamarack Verrall
Aug 26
Aug 26

Dear Jensine,
I turn to these stories on World Pulse so grateful to be part of this, to be able to celebrate the messages of all who dream and work for the world we know is possible. To find this just now, the ongoing connection by spirit of you, our Founder and of Leah, joining you and urging you on in the early days of World Pulse, still by your side, is such a gentle, giant, healing wave of hope. Thank you for your words, thank you for this beautiful photo of two amazons together, thank you for all you do.
Deep sisterhood love,

Aug 26
Aug 26

Dear Jensine,
Both poems have a soulfully, sisterly, synergy that transcend the boundaries of all dimensional existence. Finding a true sister is one of the highest blessings that life and after life can give. Especially when it is in the same space and time, and void of space and time. I celebrate both of you in this moment with the suns, moons, stars, planets and all the galaxies, heavens and beyond.

Jill Langhus
Aug 27
Aug 27

Aw, poor Leah, taken from us all too soon. And, poor Jensine, for feeling the loss so deeply still.

Thanks for sharing your lovely, heartfelt poem and vulnerability, too:-) We so appreciate you!


Aug 27
Aug 27

Beautiful. #RestInPeaceLeah

Laa'iqah SeedSower
Aug 27
Aug 27

What a beautiful tribute, Jensine.
I was so moved by the poems and the photo.
I feel less somehow, not having known Leah.
But grateful to share in her memory, with you.

Aug 27
Aug 27

Hello Jensine!
Lovely poem! Each line displays a picture to reflect on. "Meeting the new song of a weary world army", stunning view! Both such lovely artists. Thank you for sharing the words of sister Leah too. This is really meaningful. I like how the messages in both poems intertwine and meet each other. Rest, dear sister Leah. Strength for the journey, sister Jensine.

Much love!

Ngala Nadege
Sep 20
Sep 20

Beautiful poem there for Leah. May she find rest wherever she is. And may her legacy never be forgotten.

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