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Posted November 29, 2021 from Namibia
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Good day Sisters


I am a lady aged 31 years based in Windhoek, Namibia and I have been following your platforms in the past few months.I must say that I have leant a lot and thank you so much for impacting the women.


I am a mother of two who once owned a private school in 2016 but lost it due to marital breakdowns.I satrted the academy in 2016 and when it got approval from the government to operate as a private school, my ex husband kicked me out of the business and involved his family.

This left me struggling to make ends meet with my children as I also lost my job due to Covid 19.I am struggling to make ends meet including the payment of rentals as well as putting food on the table.


I have intentions and planning to start another school in January 2022.Marketing has already begun though I am stuck in terms of capital and premise rent.Is there a way in which the organization can assist me to revamp my dream and be able to be self sufficient?My greatest desire is to be able to provide for my children.


I have attached one of the fliers for your perusal.Any form of help would be greatly appreciated.


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Rahmana Karuna
Nov 30, 2021
Nov 30, 2021

so sorry for your loss. people can be mean.
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