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About Me

I was born and raised in Connecticut, graduated from Lehigh University and spent 10 years as a financial analyst at an investment bank and then Microsoft. I am a recovering over-achiever. I’ve lived in New York, London, Boston and Seattle. I met my husband Rob, in Boston. Rob is a stay at home Dad to our two kids. Brady is 9 and Carly is 8.
We moved back to Connecticut in 2002. I joined my brother, Jeff, in the family car business. Today, Jeff and I own and operate two Hyundai stores in Connecticut. We have over 100 employees and the business generates over $70 million in annual sales.

I call myself a “recovering over-achiever” because I always thought the word success meant financial success and status. I always felt like I was “obligated” to achieve financial and professional success to please my family and then later, to support my family.

I am currently on fire about redefining what the word “success” means to me and separating work success from personal success. I realize that I’ve always used my work life to get personal accolades. That can muddy the waters about defining success for our businesses. My theme for the business for the year is, “the Year of Operating Exceptionally,” and my personal theme is, “the Year of Having Fun!”

I have a number of primary earning years ahead of me. A big a-ha moment is that I don’t have to anything as big as changing my career to redefine success. I realize that I can operate the business successfully AND live my life successfully, both by different definitions of success.

I’ve always realized how lucky I am but a mission trip to Haiti this year really enforced it. I was born into an upper middle class family in the United States. It was always a given that I was going to go to college. There are women all over the world that would do anything to be born into the situation that I was. I think that comes with responsibility to lead the best life that I can, in service of me and in service of others. I’m just starting to uncover what that means by redefining success for me Helping others to find their passion and live it! I'm a workaholic! Business development, leadership development, entrepreneurship

My Vision

We can enhance the the very feminine trait of collaboration and peaceful coexistence in the world