Introduction to Liluye: A Sustainable Approach

About Your Initiative

Hello Fellow Warriors, Trailblazers, and Inspiring Women,

As many of you know, I’ve been working diligently for the last couple of years on creating an organization that passionately combines sustainable fashion with compassion.

The name of my organization is Liluye, or “Singing Hawk While Soaring.” The mission of Liluye is to create innovative, sustainable, ethnic, exceptional, handmade products that will help trafficked survivors to be empowered and to reintegrate back into society by teaching them a viable trade and by providing them with income. Our products are proudly created by and for people with Great Spirit.

Use of, and expanding the use of technology, is key to this program. I will be selling all handmade, sustainable products via my online, social enterprise: All products will be produced by sustainable textile innovations that are changing the fashion industry, such as Hemp, Stinging Nettle Fibers, Coffee Ground Fibers, Pineapple fabric, Banana fibers and Lotus fibers.

I will also be creating additional, remote technical jobs in the foreseeable future for customer service(s), social media marketer, web developer/programmer (shop portion), pre-production fashion expert(s), product photographer(s), and volunteers/internships.

I plan to collaborate with as many World Pulse trailblazers and warriors as possible, to help them on their mission, to create training, jobs and income for the women who have been trafficked. I’ve already been in conversations with several, World Pulse women who have been trafficked and/or have NGOs that help trafficked women.

I’m open to collaborating with any/all World Pulse members who share the same vision and values with me. They are as follows:   

▪    Empowered warriors with a shared vision of peace and empowerment     

▪    Always be honestly, authentically you     

▪    Practice infinite kindness and compassion     

▪    Choose love - make a difference     

▪    Inspire through diversity and creativity     

▪    Live each day courageously     

▪    Embrace open collaboration

You can follow Liluye now:

I believe collectively we can help create a better, safer and more sustainable world for everyone and empower girls and women at the same time. Please let me know if you share the same values and vision as me, and if you would like to join us in helping to create safe havens for girls and women worldwide, and bringing even more awareness and preventive measures to help end trafficking and modern slavery now!

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

Women who have been trafficked globally.

My Updates