The Women's Wellness Council - Heal Chronic Illness the Feminine Way - Free Interview Series

Jill Langhus
Posted February 26, 2017 from Spain

I am honored to share this free interview series including an interview with Bethany Webster. (You can also find her at:


Join this free series for five days (March 8th - 12th) and witness inspiring conversations from a circle of powerful and wise pioneers of holistic healing and feminine awakening.

Two women who have fully recovered from chronic health issues know how deeply challenging, frustrating and lonely the healing journey can be, so they created this feminine wisdom gathering, so that no one has to do go it alone.

You will learn about:

* how to develop a deep trust in your body’s intelligence and your own feminine wisdom * how to manage pain and physical symptoms to create more ease and well-being * how to navigate the roller coaster of emotions that come with life and with chronic illness * how to use your sensitivity as a resource * how to harness your cycles as your own self-care coach * how to embrace your sexual energy for healing * how nature and her rhythms can be your healing ally

For Bethany's interview (on March 11th), she will cover, primarily:

* Claiming your power as women and moving beyond the chains of the patriarchy * Freeing yourself from your mother’s unresolved pain * True and deep healing takes time and focus

To join, here is the link:

How to Get Involved

To join the free series:

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Meg Dale
May 09, 2017
May 09, 2017

Thank you for sharing this! I feel like this kind of therapy, self-healing gets written off as too "sensitive" but it is so important for women!

Jill Langhus
May 10, 2017
May 10, 2017

Thanks, Meg. You're welcome:) It was a good series. I'm finding more and more series to help women now, which is encouraging since I feel like historically a lot of traditionally female health concerns were ignored.

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