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About Me

Hi ! I am a retired police officer. I spent 20 years with Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted police . When I left, I launched a law suit against the Canadian Government for harassment women endured in the force. We won our law suit recently and I now represent 1000 female officers who came forward with similar complaints. We are changing law enforcement in Canada for women. I am aalso the mother of two beautiful grown daughters. My oldest is a recreation coordinator and my younger daughter is in her second year of university studying behavioural neuroscience. I have a deep love for empowering women and am so happy to be part of this group !

My Vision

To reach out to as many women as I can and empower them to stand up to issues like gender based harassment and bullying.


I am an investigator, an author and speaker . I have published a book about my journey that may help others. I am truly invested.


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