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Jenna Kellam
Posted September 12, 2008 from United States

It is great that Pulse Wire offers private messages. For those that haven't seen how to use it: Go My Voice, My Inbox, compose and start typing in someone's name. Pulse Wire will suggest names of members as you type.

Is there a way to send someone a message from their profile page? I haven't seen that and I think it would be a great option.


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Jacqueline Patiño
May 18, 2009
May 18, 2009

I have not been able to find this messaging option. Help please.


Ankur Naik
May 18, 2009
May 18, 2009

Hi Jacqueline,

We are currently in the process of upgrading the private messaging feature and hope to have it available in the near future. In the meantime, one way to communicate with another member is to add a comment to one of their posts. If they have their comment notifications enabled, they should then receive an email letting them know that you have commented on their post.

Best wishes,