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About Me

I grew up studying all the languages I could. For my 11th birthday I asked for a Latin dictionary and simple guidebook. This quickly evolved into a daily exercise of going through Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes with my high school English teacher until I was stumped and could not figure one out.

English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Malayalam, Portuguese, Spanish -- these various dictionaries and books of grammar still line my bookshelf today.

In college, I concentrated on French and Spanish, and expanded my love of languages and cultures to include international relations, human rights law, the politics of race, sustainable development, and international humanitarian projects.

Traveling, activism, human rights law, and music composition are all "my thing." I love hearing a good story, discussing politics in a café, watching a classical concert, or going for a long dog walk in my beautiful Pacific Northwest hometown.

My Vision

Listening to voices and understanding the human condition. Empowering women to lead lives of self-determination. Educating others on basic human rights and fair and equitable policies and practices.


Education EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceWomen's HealthHuman Rights for WomenWomen in LeadershipEngaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality