How I commomerated world Clean Up Day 2021

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson
Posted September 18, 2021 from Nigeria
Me in action
Me in action (1/3)


Today wouldn't have ended if we didn't practice what we preach.

I and some youths from different CSOs came together at Rumuola Port Harcourt (Nigeria) in Commemoration of the 2021 World Clean up Day. 

I call of rivers state Government and Rivers State Waste Management to please draw a sustainablity plan on how waste under the newly constructed bridges can be well managed. While the cleaning exercise was going on some Nigerians had the intention that we were paid and have already collected money from the government. Though we had other testimonies, those who encouraged our selfless service. We can't be talking about Sustainablity Development while our environment mostly Niger Delta is polluted. There's more to do and Environmental Awareness is one of the key




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Sep 19
Sep 19

Hello brother. Bravo! And thank you for taking this initiative. Serving and leading by example. May our countries and governments be cleansed from all kinds of pollutions. It starts with what you did - practice what you preach. Thank you!

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

You are welcome
I appreciate

Sep 28
Sep 28

Dear Nwankwo,

Great initiative! Great work! Keep it up!