1000 Smiles on the Street

Emeka Johnson Nwankwo
Posted February 12, 2020 from Nigeria

1000 Smiles on the Street is a project I embacked on to foster SDG 2( ZERO HUNGER)  though we know there is extreme poverty but we have to do the little we can because there are many people living on the stress who cant food daily meal and that's the reason am carrying out this project which will be coming up 13th April 2020.

We can't stop impacting lives positively 

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Tumanjong Miranda
Feb 13
Feb 13

Thanks for sharing this with us dear Emeka.
Hope you are doing OK.
XX :-)

Emeka Johnson Nwankwo

Thank you Miranda, yes I'm doing great and I hope you are fine...

Yes k will continue to share my stories and my journey in achieving SDG 2030 as we continue to impact lives positively

Welcome to World Pulse, Emeka!

This is such great initiative. Is this a one time feeding event? Or will this be an ongoing activity throughout the years?

Thank you for sharing this with us. Please continue to write you journey! We are happy you are here.

Welcome again to our growing family!

Emeka Johnson Nwankwo

Thank you Karen for your comments, yes it's a continuous initiative and will for throughour the year, I'm stating with Edo state and after which I will move to another state, Nigeria my country has 36 states even if I can't cover all the states am convinced that I will reach out to more states and collaborate with other NGOs in other states to make sure that this initiative is achieved.
I can't stop impacting lives positively

Wow, that's great! Please keep us posted here. You are doing important work. Press on!

Emeka Johnson Nwankwo

Thank you Karen
My aim here is to share every impactful activities I and my team carried out
Definitely I will always post every touching stories as we continue to impact lives positively

Thank you! Looking forward to it!