I Recycle Plastic To Empower Women in TECHNOLOGY

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson
Posted March 31, 2020 from Nigeria
The Power of Recycling
The Power of Recycling : #SheTransformsTech (1/1)

 I am a humanitarian that strives for SDGs and gender based violence advocate. Am the project director of Connecting Peace Initiative The importance of Technology can’t be overemphasized as I have always encourage women to venture into technology, recently we celebrated International Day of Women and I had the opportunity to sensitize women on the Importance of Social Media on SDG and steps on Hand washing.

What project are you leading right now:Recycle Plastic 

And how does it use or improve technology? In the process of recycling discarded tires and reusing plastics, we are adopting machines in the production of eco-friendly and sustainable home-made furniture’s. 

How many people will be impacted by your work? Currently in Nigeria but will go global soon until everyone is involved. The plan is to get people involved through sensitization, engagement and empowerment locally and globally. 

What do you need to reach your goal? Fund will be an added advantage in launching the waste recycle marketplace. I have built up a network of individuals globally, though I have more work to do, I need to identify influential changemakers to ensure the successful launching and maintaining my project. I seek for assistance in U.S. or Europe in order to apply for grants. Advice are welcome to create more opportunities to help as many women to earn a living, and reintegrate back to society.

1. We develop pertinent contents, graphic designs,and marketing strategy, for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn platforms. 2. Create an engaging and informative e-commerce website, highly functional and reliable that will be well as enticing to people passionate about recycling as well as plastic recyclers. The website will educate users on waste reduction, climate actions, manage waste and sustainability.

3. We are to Purchase the best furniture making, sewing /finishing machines for recycling workshop for every recycled product. 4. Sustainable produced bags, center table protector, foams and sourcing tyres, fabrics and/or artisan trainers for the workshop. What successes have you had? I have been able to sensitize about 20 communities but i need to do more.Through advocacy, consistent trainings.  We educate the trainers so they can be well equipped to trainer participants. We have also been able to empower over 800 youths on waste management /waste to wealth.  Nigeria is rated 6th polluted country globally and 2nd in Africa,I am convinced with this project and efforts made from other recyclers, we will change such narrative.https://www.facebook.com/connectingpeaceinitiativehttps://www.twitter.com/connectpeaceinhttps://www.facebook.com/eleazer.chukwuemeka.5https://www.twitter.com/jnwamsonhttps://www.instagram.com/jnwamsonhttps://www.about.me/emekajohnson.nwankwohttps://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/me

Collaboration with as many Changemakers as possible, to create trainings, income for women molested with Gender based Violence. I know am a man but  I’ve been advocating for women because am a product of a woman (My lovely Mother).    I am moved with the following 

▪    MAD - Make  A Difference      ▪  Inspire through diversity and creativity      ▪ Empowered warriors with a shared vision of peace and empowerment     

I believe together we can help create a better and more sustainable world and empower women.  Thanks for the opportunity

This story was submitted in response to Become a Featured Changemaker.

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Tumanjong Miranda
Mar 31
Mar 31

Hi Emaka,
This is awesome.
Great work there.
The world gas so much waste which is now a burden to us. We need new ways to really put the waste into use.
Wish you all the best.

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

Hi Miranda,
How are you
Truely we really need to engage in waste recycling though we can't combat waste pollution but we can reduce it with our collective effort
God bless our efforts always
Thank you

Hello, Emeka,

What a great project you are leading. Thank you for applyaing as a Featured Changemaker. Hoping for the best on your application! Please stay safe.

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your word of encouragement
Together we can make the world a better and more sustainable place for all
God bless our efforts always

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Hello Emeka,thank you so much.We love you .

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

Hi Chidinma
You are welcome
I love you all

The importance of women can't be overemphasized
#Together we are making positive changes

Marie Abanga
Apr 14
Apr 14

Dear Emeka,

You are a true He4She. Thank you so much being such a positive presence in your community.
Keep it going,
In light and love brother

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

Hi Marie
You are welcome
I appreciate your words of encouragement
They can't be forgotten
Because we are all in this #Together as we continue to impact lives positively

Beth Lacey
Apr 14
Apr 14

Your products are beautiful

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson

Hi Beth
Thanks a lot
That's the power of recycling ♻
We are in this #Together as #ChangeMakers