Providing basic necessities is also Shaping Peace Together

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson
Posted September 29, 2020 from Nigeria

We should work towards shaping Peace Shaping Peace should be on our daily activities Shaping Peace is having basic necessities First we need to work for peace, shape Peace and take responsibility We don't have the tools to make the change because you can't tell someone about peace without providing Food, shelter etc We should make all can to avoid conflict We acan decide to create Peace Each person can pick up any of the 17goals and Sensitize the people in your community about peace

If we decide peace we can create it

Also I sincerely appreciate judyspiration for giving me the opportunity to be the Peace ambassador for Nigeria and the Peace ambassador of the week, we will definitely achieve peace globally 

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Nini Mappo
Sep 29
Sep 29

Dear Nankwo,
Congratulations on your peace ambassadorship appointment. I like how you identify access to basic needs like food and shelter as aspects of peace, since the availability of these if highly reduced during times and in regions of conflict.
I hope that your tenure with Judyspiration makes great strides for peace in your country and beyond.

Oct 09
Oct 09

Hello Nankwo,
Being a Peace Ambassador is not a mean achievement and I congratulate and applaud on on such a prestigious appointment.

Nigeria and the rest of African need peace ambassadors like yourself. I am very glad that you recognize that peace not only means the absence of conflict and war. Indeed, there can be peace for as long as there is hunger, disease, lack of education, violence against women and children, clean water and sanitation.

I commend you on your appointment once again, and encourage you to engage in more humanitarian work. More power to you.

Oct 25
Oct 25

Congrats bro hope you grow more and bring more peace as an ambassador of peace.