Still on Environment for Valentine Green Walk 270221

NWANKWO Emeka Johnson
Posted February 27, 2021 from Nigeria
My Humble self
My Humble self (1/3)

How my Saturday 270221 Went

As a passionate environmental Steward I joined my fellow volunteers to keep Port Harcourt Clean and Green Though it's  disheartening, despite the huge amount of money invested on waste management here in Rivers State. The Government has a major role to play, Though the Ministry and commissioner for Environment(rivers state) are trying but their best is not enough, Its high time we take responsibility. Today,  while on a GREEN VALENTINE WALK Organized by African Cleanup Initiative PH, dirts were all littered on the Street of Azikiwe Road including in front of Government house, Civic Center is like a waste dumping site, We keep our houses Clean, lets show same love to our Environment. #SaveTheEarth #MyEnvironment#OurEnvironment#EnvironmentalSustainability#SDG13

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anita shrestha
Feb 27
Feb 27

Thank you for sharing
Mar 01
Mar 01

It is disheartening when you know that funds are being misused and mishandled. And your efforts are being volunteered because you need action now. Governments unfortunately grant money to people with fancy proposals that don't live up to them. I am finding that recycling programs are also creating a new form of waste while "solving" a problem. Stay encouraged. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. After the clean up apply for government funding for your team if you can. This problem is worldwide. And it's getting worse. I live in Los Angeles, and the same problem is way out of control. Everyone blames the pandemic for everything now.
Stay vigilant, be safe always and bravo to you and your team!

Hello, Johnson, Lover of the environment,

This is the first time I heard of a Green Valentine Walk, this is a great alternative to celebrate Valentine's Day and it is loving our environment. Great job to you for your commitment to environmental sustainability! Thank you for inspiring us with your story!

Mar 03
Mar 03

Dear Nwankwo,

Great initiative, great job! Thankss for sharing and keep it up.