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About Me

Number 3 remains my Magic Number. Yes. 3. My birth year has a number 3. I am the 3rd born in a family of 6. I first set foot in the 'big' City (Nairobi, the City of opportunities) in 2003 when joining University from a remote Namilama village in Western part of Kenya. Those were the days when all women were expected to behave "womanly." A woman was rated highly if she is submissive, naive and 'obedient'. Fathers looked at their daughters in terms of the number of 'cows' they were bound to bring! (In our village, dowry is transacted in the form of livestock). I must admit that we were never the best of friends with my dad because to him, I lacked 'manners' and I was too 'big-headed.'

But I chose to remain on the battle-front. I have fought battles and broken taboos. I chose education to early marriage. I am no longer treated less for being female. I remain committed to amplify my voice and make our society great and habitable for all of us. Together, we can do it!

My Vision

An empowered community. Equal rights. I envision the World as a small global village where everyone has full access to information.


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Media, Communications, Public Relations, Digital Media Marketing, Editing, Website Management, Events Planning and Management.


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