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About Me

Graduated from the dental school in Senegal. came to Geneva to work at the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Oral Health Department on Noma control. Enrolled in Management courses at International University of Geneva.

Within the WHO, transitioned to the Tobacco Free Initiative, and over the years, brought my talents to several other departments, including Non-Communicable Diseases, Maternal and Child Health, HIV Vaccines, HIV/TB and UNITAID.

The inspiration to do something for Africa was always there. After years, I had a new sense of urgency to see Africa developed. I started a foundation, Aide au Development Durable Afrique (ADDA) with a coworker, trying to help countries reach the Millenium Development Goals. However it proved difficult move forward with the goals of the foundation.

I've then focused my energies on my dream of building a self sustainable city.

My Vision

My vision is the liberation, As in Heaven so below. End poverty in the world and build a new resilient world


Anything that will help to fullfil my Dreams for a better world for all, without wars and poverty in a healthy environment.


By sharing the expériences i have gain so far and giving a helping hand to other projects.


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