Don't go Down the Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole!
Posted October 19, 2020 from United States

​I dedicate this to all my sisters in the world that are struggling at this time with the many issues of just living.

We are in a global pandemic, and there are vast, innumerable challenges that we face.

This is a reminder to stay positive. Because negativity will rear its ugly head given the opportunity.

"Don't go down that rabbit hole", is a phrase affectionately used to warn someone from going in an unhealthy direction.

Like, "check yourself before you wreck yourself."


We are all figuratively on a surface with the sun shining.

We are also dancing around a deep, dark rabbit hole.

Shout down and listen to the empty echo...echo...echo...

Pour some wine down the hole in tribute to those that never climbed back up.

Reach up and thank the sun rays as they cement you to the earth's surface.

The sun rays give you strength. The sun rays give you joy.

The rabbit hole is deep, dark, vast and unforgiving.

Once you go down the rabbit hole there's no guarantee of coming back up.

No, it's not death. But it can lead you "there". And it can be hell being there.

What is the, deep dark rabbit hole?

It's the negative aspects that pull us down into itself with the sole purpose of stealing our joy.

These negative aspects come in many forms, so just to simplify I call it the deep, dark rabbit hole.

It can be anger, depression, self loathing, impatience, combativeness, sabotage to name a few examples.

The fundamental characteristic is that the visit down the rabbit hole is often our choice. 

We can choose negativity and give it life.  If you give it life, you give it your life.

Or, we can choose positivity, even though it requires hard work to keep it.

Negatively is always and forever present. But you don't have to be its dance partner.

Acknowledge its presence, but don't embrace it.

Many circumstances are not our choice. And many are.

Self bondage of our own creation and manifestation is a choice.

So...choose wisely.

Enjoy the dance around the edge of the deep, dark hole. 

But It's always best to keep your distance.

Stay away from the edge if you feel temptation and vulnerability.

Because the gravity will pull you in and spin you out of control.

If you have joy, protect it like it's more important than food.

If you need help, reach for it until someone answers.

Confetti and balloons will not always be falling out of the sky.

But choose positivity. Choose happiness. Choose to protect your joy.

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Nini Mappo
Oct 20
Oct 20

Hello JoMarie :)
To protect joy indeed. Thank you for the vital reminder when there are so many shadows that can distract us from the sunshine! I love the reality check that confetti and balloons won't be falling from the sky...unless you are in Albuquerque during the hot air balloon season he hee ;)
Love and joy back at you :)
Oct 20
Oct 20

Nini, you never cease to amaze me with your words. Thank you for your comments. As you know, you spark fires! HeeHee! Love and joy to you always!

Corine Milano
Oct 20
Oct 20

Thank you for this important reminder! <3
Oct 21
Oct 21

Corine, keep that note to self. And pass it on...

Beth Lacey
Oct 21
Oct 21

Your words are wise. We do need to actively focus on staying positive.
Oct 21
Oct 21

Beth, staying positive really can be concentrated effort. But it's possible.

Oct 21
Oct 21

Hi Jomarie.

I am literally posted on my couch right now, so deep inside my head, thinking about how to take my next big step. The sun is shining all so bright yes, I can see it, and feel it, even at this hour of the day, but I am so drawn to investigate this tiny blindspot that seems to be the cause of my awakeness this evening... Your post came like a whisper from the sun rays, a reminder that I am Golden and a lighthouse, a true reflection of joy... In fact, I am Beatrice, "A bringer of joy". Your post just pulled me from the edge of curiosity, quite possibly from sticking my head into the rabbit hole. I am soooo grateful for this reminder, I needed it tonight, at this very very moment.

I have no words, other than Thank you, thank you for being that ray of sun, giving me strength and holding my hand in protecting my joy!!! Thank You!
Oct 21
Oct 21

Dearest Prozoe,
The sun always shines, even when we cannot see it. It is always there. I am honored by your comment.
I am happy to share the importance of joy with you. If you have joy, then you ultimately love yourself.
We helped each other today. I was stuck on procrastination, getting some studying done that will make a difference for my life.
And you posted your comment. It is so profound that it became my motivation. So I am grateful to you as well.
You sent your sun rays. Thank you for your positive energy. It's nice to move and shake each other. Enjoy your joy sister!