Lenny Kravitz concert... true religion..."Let Love Rule"

Posted October 25, 2020 from United States

Pre-pandemic there was a wonderful event. 

It was as if God/ the Universe was preparing us for what was to come.​ (Which is where we are now, in a pandemic.)

The​re was a​ concert at the Shrine Auditorium, ​just outside of downtown Los Angeles. 

The Shrine architectural design motifs are Islamic. So it simulates a mosque.

We arrived to see ​"​him​"​.  All races, ages, and genders answered the call to "our" prayer. 

Lenny Kravitz was in LA. He made a very rare appearance.


The concert was a journey and banquet for the senses with ​colors, textures, lighting, sounds, but most of all ​souls & ​​spirits.

​Lenny called ​out several people ​to join him on the stage. It was to ​give ​credit ​to the people who ​"​made him​"​ along the way.

People he had differences with and parted ways with.  They beckoned to his call, and they embraced​ in reconciliation, recognition and respect for each other​.

All was acknowledged, forgiven, reconciled and praised.​ And he made us aware that's what was happening. So that we could do the same in our lives. Pass it on.

Music gathers people. Music unites people. It elevates the human vibration. 

It creates tolerance​, transcends all boundaries to create​ peace​, joy and love​.

Lenny gave solo time to his lead guitar​ist​, drummer and supporting musicians, his disciples. 

He filled the air with love, poetry, song, explosions of guitar riffs, drum beats​, baselines​ and lyrics of wisdom​.

There were words whispered and screams of emphasis. The​ ​journey was ​an ​exploration​ of nostalgia​​,​ ​current issues ​and futuristic​ dreams​. 

Lenny took us through all facets of life from our seats to heaven, all of us knowing it was a divine purpose.


Everyone for that slice of life and time, were in full agreement, total respect, in shock and awe​ of the atmosphere and environment​.

It's always something miraculous to see and feel while being taken on a journey by an anointed master of his craft. 

The audience was his congregation.  And Lenny's message was one thing, and only one thing. The message was LOVE.  Love and only love.


Let Love Rule is his hit song, new book and life mantra.

Music makes people gather and unite. It raises, magnifies and embraces the best of humanity.

It creates a meditative state and new levels of tolerance for one another. Music is magical.

Lenny ​Kravitz ​was our spiritual leader that night, taking us on a spiritual journey the best way he knows how.

He blessed us with his blessing from God, his music.

Let Love ​Rule. Amen


This story was submitted in response to Art for Change.

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Oct 25
Oct 25

Dear Jomarieb how are you
Thanks for sharing , It is the greatest commandment given to us by the Lord Jesus. Love one another. Love your neighbor as yourself, If love rules no conflict or war the world will be safe

Oct 25
Oct 25

Dear Valem,
I hope someday the world will listen. Can you imagine what a wonderful world it will be when they do?

Oct 26
Oct 26

Dear Jomareb
a safe place for children, women and men

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello JoMarie,
Preach-it-yo-sister-girl! Indeed, we all understand the language of music, and are all capable of love. Unfortunately, we can only give what we are in possession of, and if our love stores are empty, and we're disconnected from the Source of Love for a refill, then we've nothing to give, however much we believe the mantra. That tends to be the tragedy in humanity unfortunately--Love bankruptcy.
Thank you for the minder that love heals and transforms. I'll keep sharing what I have, and I'm sure the sisters here will, too.
Sending some love now ;)

Oct 27
Oct 27

Sis Nini,
You are so right, too much love bankruptcy! Oops, I'm feeling the heat of another spark! Ouch! Look out now!
Sending love right back at'cha! You rock'n roller you.