The Descendants of the Foremothers & Forefathers of America celebrate home sweet home!
Posted November 9, 2020 from United States
The Descendents of the Foremothers & Forefathers of America celebrate home sweet home!
The colors of the day are the colors of thousands of years of celebration.

These are the descendants of the foremothers and forefathers of America.

The indigenous, original Americans.

It's the Native American all nations Pow Wow, and pre pandemic. Like we were being spiritually prepared for what was to come.

Pow Wow is always the chance to commune, embrace, show off, eat and enjoy the spirit, regalia and dance.

It's a chance to stock up on artisan pieces and blessed spiritual tools.

We lined up to be smudged with the smoke of sage by the Medicine Man to eradicate negativity.

What I always enjoy most is the opening prayer to our Creator.

The land is blessed. The ceremony is taking place on a sacred native burial site right in front of City Hall.

And all of us are reminded that those of whom are not Native American, "we welcome you". 

We are reminded that we are the visitors, we are the immigrants even if born here.

We were reminded that we are not from here. We are the outsiders being welcomed in.

We have permission today to be here and are welcome. 

What an awakening. What a fact of life. My entitlement that I take for granted is stripped away by a prayer. I'm humbled.

Everyone is invited into the dance circle to follow the chief and join in with the dancers.

We danced to honor the sun, the moon and the stars.

We danced to honor the souls of our ancestors and the souls that roam the earth.

We danced to honor our friends and foe.

We danced to honor love, beauty, pride, spirit and courage.

We danced for our health, well being, our souls, our unity and our joy.

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Nini Mappo
Nov 10
Nov 10

We danced for peace and hope, for oneness in our hearts as thick and solid as the ground under our feet that unites us into 'American'.
We danced to mourn the hurt and pain we cause each other, and with every step a little healing came, with a resolution to embrace each other and breathe life, not death, with our attitudes and words.
We danced to tomorrow, unseen but anticipated. Because it filled our today with dreams.
We danced and danced...because 'shake-a-leggin' is food for the soul :-)

Hello JoMarie,
I loved piggy-backing on your poetic lines, he hee ;-)
It's lovely to see all this tradition that has been preserved for others to see, to learn, to be invited into, to honor and belong.
I love the costumes!!
Nov 10
Nov 10

Hello dear Nini,
You must have felt the vibe. I was thinking that we should do a collaboration on a piece. And voila! It happened. The Spirit is strong!
Thank you for that. I love it!
(Costumes are called Regalia. Worked on long hours by hand, using customs passed down from many generations. It's tribal identity and pride). Glad you enjoyed.

Hello, Jomarie,

Wow, wow, wow! I love this so much. I love the Indigenous Peoples of all tribes and tongues. This post makes me dance as well! Thank you for sharing this with us.
Nov 20
Nov 20

Thank you Karen. Dance like you have never danced before!!! Enjoy!