Covid19 is surging in the USA...Los Angeles, California reached 1 million cases of infection!
Posted November 12, 2020 from United States

Coronavirus has protein spikes that attach to receptors to travel thru the human body and create havoc & hell. Or stays quiet. 

The USA has 10.6 million Covid19 cases, and 243,000 deaths.  California is tipping the scales with highest number of rising infections.

California hit the unfortunate milestone of 1.01 million coronavirus cases and 18,141 deaths today, November 12th, Thursday afternoon amid talk of a possible new nationwide lockdown that could last six weeks.

Increased testing is crucial. But you have to have symptoms to receive a test. It's still complicated, difficult and the waits are still long.

Too many people are ignoring the science and are having a wonderful time in large gatherings with friends and family.

The holidays are around the corner.  How will the population handle the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwaanza and New Years?

The shopping online will be at an all time high. And so will the trash from the holidays.  Deliveries will be peaking, and so will the virus.

Covid19 worldwide statistics...  See where your country stands on the link below.

The United States is known presently as the leader of the Coronavirus Pandemic, unfortunately because we are more infected than anywhere in the world.  We have the highest rate of infection and death.  The USA has surpassed 10.5 million cases and 240,000 deaths. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects there will be up to 282,000 US coronavirus deaths by December 5. 

The Washington National Cathedral ,invited Dr. Anthony Fauci to speak because the present government administration is at odds with science. President elect Joe Biden is not in the oval office yet, so everything has to circumvent the current administration. So we go to church on Zoom. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has much to say. 

President Biden has created a task force to roll out new protocols, unify efforts as a united front, and the introduction of a new vaccine. 

Dr.Anthony Fauci... Dr.Francis Collins with Dr.Luciana Boria, lectured the science and the plan.

See link below.


Operation Warp Speed...

The development of the Covid19 vaccine and stockpiling is well underway, but it's all waiting for the FDA's approval.

The 1st phase of the vaccine will be administered to frontline and healthcare workers, starting December of this year 2020.

The 2nd phase of the vaccine is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2021 to the next level of priority population.

The 3rd phase of the vaccine is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2021 which will be the general public. 

The goal is to reach herd immunity which will take 80% of the population to be vaccinated. 

So far 17 billion dollars has been spent on Operation Warp Speed, logistically run under the Defense Department.

Operation Warp Speed's goal is to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines with the initial doses available by January 2021 the latest, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics (collectively known as countermeasures). 

Questions raised...will the population consent to be vaccinated? Californians, the largest state, highest population and highest number of cases, are notorious for being anti-vaccination for the most basic annual protocols. Will the state & local governments cooperate? Will the federal government be forced to mandate? 

This post is not to create controversy. It is to stimulate the clicks to inform ourselves of what is coming down the pike.  Whatever affects the USA often affects the world.

A program is in place for a population of a democracy that has a constitution and freedom of choice.

It's going to be interesting watching this playout.  Will you be a participant or a spectator?  A hopeful or a victim? We shall see.

Meanwhile we may be going into our winter "LOCKDOWN".

Stay tuned world. Stay tuned.

Update 11/27/2020 from Johns Hopkins University...

The following data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University:

  • Global cases: More than 61,539,536
  • Global deaths: At least 1,441,283
  • U.S. cases: More than 13,079,305
  • U.S. deaths: At least 264,823

Hugz y'all...JoMarie

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Jill Langhus
Nov 14
Nov 14

Hi JoMarie,

How are you? Thanks for sharing the current COVID update in the U.S. It's definitely concerning, and interesting at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I would rather be there, and sometimes I feel like I would rather be here. Either way, they need to make sure those vaccines are safe, and not mandatory, in my opinion, but everyone is free to have their own opinion as long as it isn't imposed on to me:-) Ha.
Nov 14
Nov 14

Hi Jill...I'm okay, Hope you are too.
I feel the same way you feel Jill. Wanting to be somewhere else, but would rather be here. I don't think they will make it mandatory. But we still have the science, math, big pharma, defense and high rates of infection and death, and tons of dollars invested. We shall see! It's great hearing from you.
Stay safe. XO...JoMarie

Jill Langhus
Nov 14
Nov 14

Hello there,

I'm glad to hear it. Yes, I'm well, too, thanks. We're on lockdown for two weeks again, but hopefully it won't be extended and the number will be reduced. It seems to keep going and going.

I hope they don't. I keep saying to my husband, I'm bailing if they do that. I don't know how I would do it, but I would. I don't agree with it at all. It's very big brother to me.

And, yes, there is all that to account for.

Good hearing from you, too.

You, too. XX

Nov 14
Nov 14

Helo Jomarie,

Thank you for sharing this. This covid19 is very alarming.

I also agree with Jill, as long as it will not impose on me with this vaccine :)

This vaccine scares me.....

We need to improve our immune system to be healthy.
Nov 14
Nov 14

Hello Maeann,
This vaccine scares most people. It's new, unproven, and unapproved. We need to improve our immune systems and prevent pathogens from animals crossing to humans. I don't know how that can be prevented. There's too many people in the world that do their own thing that affects/infects everyone.
I'm happy to hear from you Maeann. Stay safe. XO...JoMarie

Nini Mappo
Nov 15
Nov 15

Hello dear JoMarie,
What a concerning state of affairs you report here:/ I think I am still in denial in a way that the US can be in such an unfortunate Covid state. I am beginning to see America as a regular nation as vulnerable as the rest of us. We have been in lockdown since April in my state, and all the winter with month's break. We just came out of severe restrictions (5km radius) and can visit family and eat out bust still under restrictions. People complained all through the lockdown and mandatory masks as infringement of freedom but the police enforced the requirements. It means we can have Christmas with family and our elderly will not be lonely during that special time of the year.
Oh America, I will stay tuned and hope for good news!
Nov 15
Nov 15

Hello dear Nini,
Yes, we are a vulnerable country. We got us here. We, meaning our lack of leadership and control. We actually joke with one another that we are the new third world country. Bad joke, but appropriate. This is not the first pandemic in the USA. And unfortunately it won't be the last. Military might, US dollars and foreign aid strength don't take care of USA citizens . Responsible people at the top do. It's gonna be a while until we have a chance. We have to wait until the end of January. Seems like forever.

Julie Desai
Nov 23
Nov 23

Sad but situation is bad
Nov 23
Nov 23

Hi Julie, we are going back into a gradual lockdown now because of the end of year holiday season. Spiking is rampant. Thanks for your comment. XO