Pandemic patience, impatience and protocols...
Posted November 15, 2020 from United States

Today marks the 7th month of our Covid19 pandemic pseudo lockdown, pseudo social distancing, pandemic cliches and protocol behavior, and the lack of. I use the word pseudo because the lockdown and social distancing are merely strong suggestions, not mandates. Businesses have shut down, some reopened with protocols and the economy has tanked, without a recovery in site. This truth is not optional.  Many of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired. And patience is lacking due to protocols and the lack of improvements and progress. 

I wish there was a refresh button that I can push. I look back and see the unknown in front of us. I stand where I am today, and still see the unknown in front of us. We haven't gotten very far.  It's the uncertainty, the wait and see and the unpredictability that wears down patience. We don't even know what exactly we are waiting for. The new normal is to keep your distance. Guard yourself from strangers, your family, friends and environment. Because if you get Covid19, there is no one who can take care of you except for the overextended, exhausted, underappreciated healthcare system, that is far from adequate for many, and unquestionably over reaches to do their best. God bless them all! They are the saviors and the anointed of today.

Some things old are new again.  Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar "beware the ides of March", which means beware March 15th. Caesar, was warned about his death for March 15th. Well, March 15th, 2020 was our deadly warning for Covid19. The words "God bless you" have renewed its original meaning. It was a phrase mandated to be said after a sneeze during a plague, by Pope Gregory, CE 590.  Now if someone sneezes even just near you, well "God bless you". Handmade arts are rising. People enjoy writing by hand again.  Calligraphy has renewed popularity. Painting pictures with paint, brush and canvas has taken off to new heights. Artisan baking and home gourmet cooking is flourishing. Needle arts and handicrafts are all the rage. Just to name a few.

Many of us are online for work, school, health and spirit. Many of us are unemployed. And too many of us are not talking about the realities of our lives. We are glazing over and candy coating, pretending that there's nothing different going on in the entire world.  I get stupid questions like, what have you been up to? Any new romances?  And how's life? Really?  There are millions of people unemployed in America and no one wants to discuss it except the news anchors.  Families have to be together constantly.  Parents are also teachers' aides and are working from home.  Couples are fighting and happy to socially distance because they are together all the time.  Singles are happy in their bubble of self assured safety and solitude or on the brink of madness from loneliness. Not even someone to fight with. Alcoholism is high. Overeating is the new sport. 

Going out, takes some thought, and many don't think at all. They go out, cross lines and stretch the boundaries for their own sanity and pleasure. There are large groups that were created during the pandemic that socially gather and don't take any pandemic precautions. And we wonder why we are spiking. "Liberty and justice for all" creates pandemic spikes. Let's get together for the sake of sanity, do our thing, go home and spread the love. Some even believe because they know their group, that it's okay to commune without distancing, masks, sanitizer and they love touches, kisses and hugs. A hint for you, they post on social media up close and personal photos. So check their social media before you decide to have a proper protocol lunch or dinner with someone. Check their behavior. People love to post themselves in action. This holds true especially for large families with separate households getting together.  It's not just friends.  Families are the biggest culprits. Checking before you meet someone could save your life. Covid19 takes anyone it wants. No invitations are necessary. But social irresponsibility is a solid invitation.  We cannot get over this because people cannot get over themselves.

My new reality. Instagram has become my latest obsession. I have a textile design portfolio that needs to be posted. I gained some skills, Instagram buddies and a supportive creative community. It's a feel good space with boundaries.  I stay far away from platforms and spaces that allow darkness to fester. I am working on the online classes for career skills that I put on hold pre pandemic.  

I have Zoom visits for friendship, spirituality, health and career. On Sunday's I wake up early, get dressed and get on zoom for spiritual reinforcement with the SGI Buddhist Center and the Washington National Cathedral. During the week I have scheduled meetings just for friendly visits and catching up. And webinar after webinar to learn and check out new career developments. And my skills on the Adobe software will be updated and surpass my present expertise.  Netflix is my favorite streaming. Peacock, Passport and YouTube are great as well. There are so many streaming services, free and paid. Goldstar has fun, free and paid online entertainment  and live performances.

I finally love the supermarket. I used to hate food shopping. Now it's a special event, so I put on my nice sneakers, a fresh mask and off I go. I like walks in the park, but I go off hours, and I practice my Salsa dancing solos. I never thought that solos would be so handy. Reading is a great break from the screen activities. Cooking is more creative than ever. And I'm into loose teas these days and the way of tea, which is a culture of its own.  I purged many possessions. Because I believe in not holding onto things that no longer serve me. And that goes for relationships as well.  I intentionally listen to music instead of it just adding ambiance or filling the airspace. I stream it, listen from my computer and use my CDs on my boom box that still serves me. And I am learning to play my guitar.

 SGI Buddhist Center -                                           

 Washington National Cathedral -

 Ladies Salsa shine moves (solo moves)

I don't know anything about the future. What I have is now, and I am grateful for it. But I have to set intentions for myself. First and foremost, I have to stay out of Covid19's way, as best I can. Second, I have to emerge a better person than when I went into this pseudo lockdown.  So I started working on myself.  Set intentions is my mantra right now.  My intentions are to complete my online courses because they will enhance my skills. I now have at least 6 swipes (108 pics) on Instagram of my portfolio, with an organic following. I will cast a wider net to create a stronger professional network.  My intention is to emerge as an independent contractor and a better qualified employee for new opportunities.  And for fun, to be able to play a song on my guitar, do a solid double spin in my Salsa solo choreography and make a squirrel friend at the park with almonds. I work on enriching relationships with snail mail cards. The simple things in life have become magnified in their importance.  

I don't find that friends and family are better at staying in touch. They are as forgetful, thoughtless and selfish as they were pre pandemic. Their limitations as humans have not transformed into something wonderful or amazing. But I love them because they are mine. And I require the same from them. So it's dysfunctionally mutual and not pandemic special. The only  one who is really special through all of this is Mom. And she deserves a separate article of her own, which I will get to later. 

I am grateful for my life, because people are desperate and people are truly dying. Many have lost loved ones to Covid19. And everyday people are recovering and dying. There are no rules or criteria of who dies. Anyone, and everyone is a candidate. I have had to release friends and family to the universe with love because they don't want to take responsibility for their actions. Their attitudes are a huge reason why this pandemic is alive and thriving. 

Today SpaceX will be launching a new mission with 4 astronauts. I cheer their success, vision and ability to move forward no matter what.

Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon rocket launch

Love always,


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Jill Langhus
Nov 16
Nov 16

Hi JoMarie,

Thanks for sharing your introspective post, and for being realistic about the COVID challenges in the U.S. I embrace your honesty, drive to grow, and to stay positivity throughout the pandemic. I hope you share your first guitar solo with us:-) Hang in there. This too shall pass.
Nov 16
Nov 16

Encouragement is always the best comfort and the most useful. So thanks a million Jill!

Jill Langhus
Nov 18
Nov 18

Yes! You're very welcome! XX

Nini Mappo
Nov 17
Nov 17

Wow JoMarie,
It is sad that you see yourself in the same limbo as you did in March, if not worse, as far as the future of the country, Covid, and the reintegration of communities goes. It feels disheartening, even to one outside of it who just saw the possibility of a 'reintegration' with the recent lifting of restrictions.
I'm sorry to hear, but at the same time so wowed by your personal protocol and how you are filling your day with life and investing into the future in hope and faith.
Also good on you for hacking IG, I tried and honestly had no clue what I was doing haha , and so put it on hold!
I wonder the difference it would make if Helon Musk decided to channel his ingenuity and resources to save the earth instead...just a thought on top of my head.
"Going out, takes some thought, and many don't think at all" This is so so insightful! By the way, my colonised mind has been wondering why Americans have to wait for someone to tell them to wear masks. They're supposed to know this stuff. Like, an American is so smart s/he can just figure out stuff, you know. Like you have he hee (wink).
My mouth is still wide open at the shock of the nonchalant (read stupid) behavior being reported about these once very superior species ha ha
Nov 20
Nov 20

Hello Nini!
Sorry it took a while. But here I am! We are about to go into another lockdown. They predicted an end year second spread 3 months ago. And here we are. Many other countries are experiencing second spreads as well. We are now under curfew in Cali. States are taking measures under governor mandates. Still, we aren't under one set of rules. Here we go again. The stores are repeating what we went thru last March, no toilet paper and paper towels on retail shelves. The hoarders are hoarding again.
We haven't learned anything at all. The hospitals nationwide are at on the brink of complete exhaustion. Many healthcare workers have died. The supplies they need are still too scarce. Trump is punishing us, again. Tax dollars are being used for recounting votes and filing lawsuits against the voting system. He won't concede. He won't let Biden get a head start. And the death toll is averaging 5000+ daily.
Re: Elon Musk...that man is investigating his way out of here. He thinks that Tesla & SpaceX are his gift and best contribution. But Tesla & SpaceX have caused disastrous, gentrification in SoCal South Bay neighborhoods. The employees are not from the "hood". Tesla & SpaceX were built in the hood. So the hood can no longer afford to live there.
Re: the mask...We can go hangout in space, but still can't get everyone to wear a mask and socially distance. Dumbassness to the enth degree!
So, I retreat. I study, create and enjoy my love of God, the Universe, family, friends, art, myself and celebrate life. My brother is a Marine, and he taught me the Marine motto. "Improvise, adapt and overcome". Something to embrace and live by. Because mankind is out of control. This is unfortunately spreading worldwide... again.
Thanks for your encouragement and cheering me on. Keep cheering...I hear you!