USA Covid 19: Refrigerator Trucks for Morgues. You still don't want to wear a mask?
Posted January 7, 2021 from United States

I normally elaborate on everything that I write. But here is a picture that saves a thousand words. Here in the USA the Covid 19 pandemic is the worse in the entire world.  Throughout the United States there are still people that think Covid19 is a joke, a political ploy and a conspiracy theory. We still have people that won't mask up, sanitize and socially distance. We are paying the price. We are setting the example for the world. We are the example of what ignorance creates. The damage that the lack of leadership does. And how death absolutely prevails.  We are worse off than we were last April. Humans always have their own agendas. Very few think about the collective or the greater good of humanity. We had two major holidays that caused serges after the numbers were improving. We were warned ahead of time. But everyone did as they always do. Get together and have fun. 

Post holiday season, the hospital ICU capacities now stand at zero. There are no beds left. Parking structures, hospital gift shops and conference rooms have been converted into Covid 19 care facilities. The vaccine is a slow solution. I will not be able to get mine until October if all goes well. This is January.  

Here are the morgue refrigerator trucks throughout the USA.  Hospitals and funeral homes have to resort to using them because the morgues are overfilled. The trucks are a necessary alternative. You cannot visit an infected loved one once dropped off at the hospital. They either recover, or end up in a truck. Funerals for those without prior arrangements or plans are complicated or non existent. Mass graves and cremations are common. There are no formal goodbyes. Zoom is sometimes an option.

This is our world. Don't let it become yours. Wear the darn mask!  Just saying. 

Updated - 1/12/2021 As per John Hopkins University

Global Confirmed infected - 91,374,370 (190 countries)

Global Deaths - 1,956,462

U.S. Confirmed infected - 22.771.320

U.S. Deaths - 379.365

USA Unemployment rate - January 2020 - 3.6%

USA Unemployment rate - January 2021 -  6.7%  25.7 million workers remain unemployed

Always keeping it real...Hugs...JoMarie


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Joshua Oyedele
Jan 08
Jan 08

Thanks, for the exposition JoMarie.
Jan 08
Jan 08

I hope that you and yours benefit from it. Thanks for stopping by Joshua.

Nini Mappo
Jan 09
Jan 09

Oh JoMarie :/
That is all I can say. It's as if in the US, life goes on. Now life and death :/ But people still can't see. Because life goes on against common sense, even we when life going on means life's at stake.
Stay safe out there!

Hugs of hope :)
Jan 09
Jan 09

I am totally scratching my head my dear. It's so baffling. We are living in the age of the Zombies.
Hugs girl!

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 09
Jan 09

Dear JoMarie,
As your neighbour to the north with so many I love in your country, I am watching news closely and with alarm, especially for a major difference between your country and mine, we have medicare. Our communities sadly are similar in that so many ignored warnings over the holidays that here too we have a big surge, with hospitals full, and more than 1000 new cases in my city each day, highest numbers so far. We do have a stronger lockdown, with curfews between 8pm and 5am in my city, starting tonight. I hope that the new administration coming soon there will be able to create a new atmosphere.
Much love from Canada,
Jan 09
Jan 09

Hi Tam,
We had the same curfew. It didn't affect much. Most people aren't out at those times anyway. It's like a curfew just for the record. I'm sure you are aware of the event at the Capitol building. The hits keep on coming. The new administration has so much work to do. But we are counting on it. Thanks Tam, my northern sister. It's a comfort that we share a continent. Truly.

Oh my, I am having goosebumps looking at your photos. It's one thing to the statistics, but a visual representation is more powerful to convey a message.

You have the best facilities in the world. I mean, compared to the rest of the developing countries like ours. If you aren't able to handle COVID-19, then what else will it be for us? We have a strict regulation here: No face mask, no face shield, no entry. We look like semi-robots outside.haha.

But people can get complacent, there are a lot of religious holidays in our country. So devotees storm to churches to pray believing their faith is greater than the virus. It's crazy here, too.

Oh well! Thanks for sharing real facts, dear. Yes, we are wearing our masks here.
Jan 12
Jan 12

Unfortunately due to our lack of leadership and being a democracy, every region has their own mandates about masks. Just a few miles away no masks are required. But in my county it's a must. This is throughout the country. The unnecessary result of freedom is ignorance. Humans have such little common sense and no basic regard for one another. It never ceases to be amaze me.
Bravo for wearing your masks!!!

Hello, love, I hope the new leadership in your country can address this, although we know it takes a collective effort and people's participation in solving the increasing COVID cases. I hope this pandemic ends. Thank you again! Hugs, too!