America's White Supremacists Breached the Washington DC Capitol Building. HOW???
Posted January 13, 2021 from United States
The Capitol Building was breached
The Capitol Building was breached: LA Times/OPB News/ABC13 Houston/Business Insider/ABC27/DW News/EWN/Face Coast News/Inquirer all photo credits (1/1)

The United States Capitol Building, is the meeting place of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. On January 6th 2021 the electoral votes were being counted and confirmed in the Senate chamber. Donald Trump has been fighting the process and claiming that he won the presidential vote. So he called on his supporters to rally and storm the Capitol Building during the vote confirmation. The storming of the United States Capitol was a riot and violent attack against the United States Congress. This mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. The U.S. Congress has certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, hours after a violent, right-wing mob incited by President Trump interrupted proceedings and stormed the U.S. Capitol. Members of the right-wing mob smashed windows, broke down doors and scaled walls to enter the Capitol. They attacked Capitol Police. They ransacked and looted offices, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s. An armed standoff took place at the door of the U.S. House of Representatives. Rioters took over the Senate chamber, with some Trump supporters.  The legislative leaders were bunkered and hidden for their safety. Hours later the count diligently reconvened in the Senate Chamber lead by Vice President Mike Pence, and was confirmed. There was a determination by the U.S. government that Joe Biden will take office and Donald Trump will step down.

Five people died due to this mob incident and insurrection by Donald Trump. The biggest question is, how did they get this far? All of us in America know that if the people on the steps of the Capitol Building were people of color, any color, rallying in mass or just eating hamburgers, they would have been gassed and shot. The National Guard and military would have been called. But only the Capitol police were in the precarious position of being white people fighting white people. For white people in America this is very confusing. The Capitol Police were offered federal help but they declined it, and clearly could not handle the mob of white supremacists. Was this the ego or the inside plan?  Some members of the mob were actually off duty Capitol Police officers, as well as policeman and fireman from neighboring and distant states. Trump supporters came from all over, from homeless veterans to police officers. That's why it was confusing. Who is who? When color is in place, it doesn't matter, just gas and shoot. Simple, easy, no confusion. And even a good day. 

The House is set to vote today to impeach President Trump for the second time. The single article of impeachment charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection” following last week’s Capitol breach.  The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has  70 people charged, and 170 cases have been opened and counting. Will they be dragged through the system and imprisoned. We shall see (or not).

But there is the threat looming for January 20th, Inauguration Day. Throughout American history there has been a peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another. This current administration vows to be the exception. Although Trump said it will be peaceful, he has never been known for being honest. He has challenged the vote results and incited a riot. The FBI has uncovered the plan for American white supremacists to rally and take over the capitol buildings in all 50 states. Mayhem has been promised by the Trump supporters and the Alt Right, and white supremists.  

Will our democracy remain a democracy? Democracy is extremely fragile. Checks and balances are in place, but the circuit breakers take too long to cut off the overpowering energy. Adolf Hitler and Mussolini took over Germany and Italy the same way, mob style, white supremacists, feeling oppressed, and powerful insiders making calls and pulling puppet strings. Now they are sending emails and texts. Have we not learned? Heck, we fought the damn war! With democracy the answers are often too little, too late.  Stay tuned people. This is America. And I'm always keeping it real.

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Liana C
Jan 14
Jan 14

It needs to be kept real because that is the only way to heal and then shape a new reality. Having gone to Washington DC many times, as a visitor, as well as to peacefully protest, I know those streets and buildings very well. The security levels in that area during the Women's Marches over the past few years were much stronger than the security level on January 6th when these violent riots overran the Capitol. The constant drumbeat of distrust, dishonesty, racism, sexism, and divisiveness led to this crescendo. There must be real accountability for all of the steps that led to these moments. The deaths and injuries that occurred during the riot were not the first deaths and injuries and harm from the failed leadership, just the most recent and the starkest, direct violence. There is much to face, and heal, and build anew.
Jan 14
Jan 14

Hi Liana,
Let's hope and pray for a peaceful transfer of power. Next Wednesday will be interesting. Stay tuned. Stay safe.

Hello, dear JoMarie,

We watched the Capitol Riot and couldn't believe how real it was. It was like in the movies. I hope it will not happen again, not on the inaugaration day. How far are you staying from Washington D.C, dear? I hope you are safe.
Jan 15
Jan 15

Hey Karen,
They are gearing up for inauguration day. The white supremacists have threatened violence in all 50 state capitols. I live over 2 thousand miles from Washington DC. And my neighborhood is mostly Asian. Thank God! Thanks for checking. What a mess!

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 15
Jan 15

Dear JoMarie,
Many of us watched closely, your neighbours to the north, completely shocked and hoping that that everyone stays safe through the upcoming inauguration. There is a sizeable group here in Canada who admire the groups who advocate this violence, and the rise of this white supremacy needs to be stopped. The fascism behind it is becoming visible. May we all succeed in turning this around, and in creating together the peaceful world we are working for.